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AUT members reject employers' final offer

15 May 2006

The AUT today reiterated that the offer made by the employers at last week's pay talks had been put to its membership and rejected.

The offer, which the employers have dressed up to represent 12.6% over three years, is worth less than 11% in real terms over the next three years.

Since the talks broke down AUT has been doing everything it can to get the talks back on and to end the dispute. The employers' representatives, the Universities and Colleges Employers' Association (UCEA), has not yet agreed to further talks or once mentioned how the dispute may be brought to an end.

There have been reports that members of AUT have not had a say on whether or not the pay offer made last week should be accepted. This is not the case. Last week in Scarborough representatives from every university where AUT has members voted unanimously to reject the offer and to continue with the assessment boycott.

The employers have been told from the start of the dispute that only a credible offer would be put to the full membership for acceptance. The union does not consider less than 11% over three years to be a decent offer.

AUT general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'AUT members debated the pay issue at our largest democratic forum in Scarborough last week. They gave a clear democratic mandate in a unanimous vote to reject the offer and continue with the assessment boycott. What is clear is that this dispute will end when, and only when, there is a decent and credible offer on the table.

'We are prepared to meet the employers whenever and wherever they like to negotiate. Because we, like students, want this dispute ended as soon as possible.'

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