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Joining UCU FAQs

Some common questions about UCU membership.

Q:Who can join UCU?
Q:Can hourly paid or part-time staff join UCU?
Q:How does UCU work for its members?
Q:Won't I get lost in a big union?
Q:How much does it cost to be a UCU member?
Q:How does UCU influence education policy
Q:Will I have access to legal advice?
Q:What other support can I expect?
Q:Can I be a member of more than one union?
Q:Do you represent MRC, NIBSC or Imanet staff?
Q:How can UCU help and support me as a health educator?
Q:I've been a member of the RCN since I was a student nurse - why should I join UCU too?
Q:Can you post me a UCU application form?
Q:Can UCU help me develop my career?
Q:Can students or postgraduates join?

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