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All for race equality

We are now four years into the <em>Race Relations Amendment Act</em> and it is with some concern that we report little has changed in both the FE and HE sectors.


  • still struggle to produce race equality policies which reflect the uniqueness of their institution;
  • routinely fail to produce pre-emptive Race Equality Impact Assessments to ascertain whether a particular policy or procedure may have an adverse impact on ethnic minorities;
  • less than 1% of Principals are black;
  • governing boards do not reflect the constituency they serve.


  • still grapple with the issue of Race Equality Impact Assessments often completing them after rather than before a procedural or policy shift;
  • black staff are usually concentrated in the lower levels of the staffing structure;
  • black staff appear to lack access to traditional progression routes;
  • there is only 1(one) black university pro vice chancellor.
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