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As the key voice of further and higher education in the UK, UCU monitors developments within the profession and develops policy on a wide range of issues that have an impact on our members and the sectors as a whole.

These key issues are detailed in this section.

You will also find links to all of the publications and policy documents produced by UCU for members, activists, branches and local associations across the UK.

Union policy

Our main policy-making body is our annual conference, known as congress, held each year during the spring. Find out more in our Congress section. Occasionally, special meetings of congress may be convened when major issues of importance need debate and policy decision.

Congress is supported by the work of our specialist policy officers and national officials.

  • UCU policy hub
    A series of key briefings on UCU policy and campaigning work.
  • Towards a UCU policy on professionalism
    The sectors in which UCU members work are littered with the corpses of failed attempts at institutionalisation and regulation (or de-regulation) of professional requirements and recognition.
  • Professional issues in further education
    As the key voice of practitioners in further and adult education, UCU seeks to influence education policy across a range of issues. These include structures in the sector, funding, quality, the curriculum, professional development, learner support and governance.
  • Professional issues in higher education
    As the key voice of practitioners in higher education UCU seeks to influence education policy, campaigns for adequate funding for the sector and works for a high quality learning and research environment in every institution.
  • Specialist employment groups
    UCU works hard to protect and improve the working conditions of members who work in a number of distinct employment categories, and who can find they are faced with particular issues.
  • UCU publications
    A place to find all of the publications, resources and other materials available for UCU members, activists, branches and local associations across the UK.
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    The Journal of Further and Higher Education
    Published for UCU by Taylor and Francis, the Journal of Further & Higher Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal containing articles and book reviews representing the whole field of post-16 education and training.
  • Careers & professional development
    Advice and guidance on pursuing a career in post-16 education.
  • Academic freedom
    Growing concerns about the threats to free academic inquiry and opinion have prompted the UCU to publish a statement on academic freedom.
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