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Women members

There are number of ways in which women members can raise their concerns, keep informed on new developments and be involved in shaping UCU policy.

UCU has an equality unit with expertise all equality areas including issues concerning women members. The unit provides information (including regular newsletters), guidance and support to union officers and members.

Right to education
Click here to help show support for the right of girls to be educated and without fear and violence

One Year On - The abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls briefing
 (.pdf) file type icon One year on - Chibok schoolgirls (.pdf) [379kb] 
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If you are experiencing discrimination or harassment at work see the main equality page for advice on getting support.


Resources and guidance for UCU equality officers and activists can be found in the equality resource centre in the UCU activists section of the website, with a dedicated page for gender equality resources.

At the bottom of this page you will find the most recent relevant UCU articles and publications on women's issues or see the equality publications page for a full list.

A woman's place is in the union : International Women's Day postcardRepresentation within UCU

The rules of the union have been drafted to ensure women members are represented in UCU's democratic structures. There are a minimum number of seats on the national executive committee (NEC) that must be filled by women. The total number of seats a geographical constituency has on the NEC depends on its size, but of these at least one quarter to one third must be filled by women. This quota also applies to the UK-elected HE and FE seats. There are nine 'equality seats' on the NEC elected directly by all members. Three of these seats are for representatives of women in HE, and two for women in FE. The executive comprises a number of sub-committees including an equality committee.

A conference for women members is held every year: Women members annual conference. This conference elects a women members' committee (WMC). The WMC can send one motion and one amendment to the annual national congress, and to the sector conferences.

Women's email list

As well as these formal structures the equality unit operates a women's email list to keep you in touch with relevant events and information which any female UCU member can join - just contact the equality unit on eqadmin@ucu.org.uk and ask to be added to the list.

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