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Academic-related professional staff

UCU is the voice for academic-related professional staff working in UK higher education.

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Through our national and local initiatives, and through the academic-related manifesto, we are focusing on the key role that academic-related professional staff play both as part of the academic team in higher education and as members of the union.

We aim to ensure that:

  • the contribution of academic-related professional staff to higher education is acknowledged through higher pay, better opportunities for personal and career development, improved working conditions, and an appropriate work-life balance
  • the Framework Agreement is implemented fairly across the academic team in respect of new pay, grading, role analysis and job evaluation arrangements

    (see also Academic-related role profiles)
  • higher education institutions properly value and recognise the contribution and expertise of academic-related professional staff, particularly in the composition of their governing bodies.

UCU is strengthened by the increased involvement of academic-related professional members at all levels of the union.

Academic-related news : image promoting the academic-related newsletterCommittee

The UCU academic-related staff committee advises the national executive committee. Check the latest academic-related newsletter, and also the annual meeting page for information on the last academic-related staff meeting: academic-related staff annual meeting

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