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Professional issues in further education

As the key voice of practitioners in further and adult education, UCU seeks to influence education policy across a range of issues. These include structures in the sector, funding, quality, the curriculum, professional development, learner support and governance.

The union is represented on a number of educational bodies and makes regular representations to the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS), the Department for Education, and the various sector government agencies and non-departmental government bodies. UCU offers advice to members on a range of professional issues. It campaigns for proper funding for the sector, a comprehensive curriculum offer for young people and adults and adequate training and professional development for sector staff and UCU members. 

For further advice please email Matt Waddup.

  • FE issues
    UCU works to ensure that teaching and learning is fully valued and supported by offering information on curriculum issues and lobbying for improvements to ensure vocational qualifications are given the same status as academic qualifications.
  • Lesson observation in FE and ACE
    Internal college lesson observation policies and procedures continue to be the industrial issue that has been the subject of the most sector conference motions in recent years. This reflects the fact that lesson observation policies are still a hotly contested industrial issue in FE and adult education today.
  • Governance in FE
    UCU has long campaigned for open, transparent and democratic governance at all levels within further education institutions.
  • FE funding
    Further education funding is a very complex and arcane subject. Major changes in government funding policies make it even more complicated and difficult to understand.
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