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Equality resource centre

This section contains key UCU publications and other important documents on equality issues, as well as specific guidance on equality issues for branches and local associations.

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See also our dedicated pages for specific equality issues within this section:

UCU Anti-semitism leaflet - updated January 2015

UCU is committed to combating anti-semitism. It has produced a leaflet which has been revised in January 2015 on the subject for branches to use, which you can download below, or request a hard copy at eqadmin@ucu.org.uk

 (.pdf) file type icon UCU Anti Semitism leaflet (.pdf) [67kb]

Equality Briefing - September 2012

The Equality Unit has produced this update for branches on equality issues, including current plans to repeal or reform equality legislation. Download it below.

 (.pdf) file type icon Equality update September 2012 (.pdf) [437kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Equality update, Sep 12 (.doc) [104kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Equality update, Sep 12: large print (.doc) [110kb]

Equality Toolkit - a resource for UCU equality reps and regional equality officers

This is guide designed for UCU equality officers. It contains plenty of useful information and links around equality legislation, how to campaign for equality and and how to link in with UCU's work. If you require a hard copy, contact eqadmin@ucu.org.uk

 (.pdf) file type icon Equality Toolkit (.pdf) [892kb] 

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Public sector equality duties toolkit

The public sector equality duty came into force on 5th April 2011 and is supported by specific duties. These came into force in England on 10 September 2011. Please consult these toolkits for advice on the law, and how your institution should be responding.

 (.pdf) file type icon UCU Equality Duty Toolkit (.pdf) [161kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Equality duties checklist (.doc) [174kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Model intial screening form (.doc) [202kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Pro-forma for impact assessment (.doc) [33kb]

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Bullying and harassment

Ban bullying and harassment - toolkit for UCU branch/LA officers
What to do if you are being bullied or harassed - advice for UCU members
 (.doc) file type icon Word version (.doc) [163kb]  |   (.pdf) file type icon PDF file (.pdf) [22kb]

What to do if you witness bullying or harassment - advice for UCU members
 (.doc) file type icon Word version (.doc) [157kb]  |   (.pdf) file type icon PDF file (.pdf) [18kb]

Guidance for those accused of bullying or harassment - advice for UCU members
 (.doc) file type icon Word version (.doc) [160kb]  |   (.pdf) file type icon PDF file (.pdf) [23kb]

 (.pdf) file type icon Dignity at work: good practice guide for HE institutions on dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace, ECU, UCU and UNISON, Jan 07 (.pdf) [594kb]

 (.pdf) file type icon Final report of dignity at work project on bullying and harassment in HE, 2007 (.pdf) [605kb]

See also 'Getting support - Discrimination, bullying and harassment'

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National agreements and related guidance

Further education

 (.pdf) file type icon FE Joint Agreement on Guidance on Equality in Employment (.pdf) [520kb]

 (.docx) file type icon FE Joint Agreement on Guidance on Equality in Employment (.docx) [116kb]

Higher education

 (.pdf) file type icon JNCHES guidance on creating a partnership for equality (.pdf) [211kb] - this document sets out the recommended approach to delivering equality for staff within UK institutions.

 (.pdf) file type icon JNCHES: equal pay reviews guidance, Mar 07 (.pdf) [208kb] - this guidance provides a step by step guide to conducting an equal pay review to establish whether there are pay inequities arising because of gender, race or disability.

JNCHES Equality Working Group report

Following on from 2009-10 national claim negotiations, UCEA and the national trade union side agreed to establish an Equality Working Group.

The group has now reported:  (.pdf) file type icon Equality Working Group Overview Report, Jan 11 (.pdf) [2.2Mb]

Institutions are encouraged to give consideration to the following recommendations in relation to the conduct of Equal Pay Reviews:

  1. Improve data collection for other protected characteristics focusing on those for which it is believed there may be pay inequity.
  2. Make the outcome of equal pay reviews widely available through publication on the open access area of the institution's web site.
  3. Provide the evidence base for the objective justification of pay gaps.
  4. Implement a comprehensive action plan to address the issues identified within a defined timescale.
  5. Involve trade unions at each stage of the equal pay review.
  6. Involve those with appropriate level of expertise in equality and diversity.
  7. Make full use of the JNCHES Guidance for Higher Education Institutions on Equal Pay Reviews (2007).
  8. Institutions that have not already conducted an equal pay review are strongly encouraged to do so at the earliest opportunity.

See also:

  •  (.pdf) file type icon JNCHES: role analysis and job evaluation guidance, Jan 04 (.pdf) [97kb] - linked to the pay framework agreement this guidance sets out an agreed approach to using job evaluation within UK universities and colleges of higher education to ensure that the organisation meets legal and ethical equal pay for work of equal value requirements and the legal and ethical requirements not to discriminate on grounds of race, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

    Note: AUT did not sign up to this guidance

Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest advice (UCU195) - advice from UCU's equality committee for branches and local associations about dealing with conflicts of interest: UCU195.html | UCU195.rtf

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International work

Resources and information from UCU's affiliate organisations.

Education International: Pan European Equality Committee

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