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Member information and newsletters

Important documents for members and dedicated newsletters covering a range of special interest topics

See also our national emails archive.

  • Weekly campaign update
    Weekly updates from UCU's campaigns team.
  • UCU rulebook
    The current UCU rules are available to download below. Rules from previous years are also available for information.
  • FE News
    The FE newsletter is circulated to all UCU FE branches with the latest on national and local developments and related information.
  • HE news
    HE news is a regular newsletter circulated to HE branches and local associations.
  • '...and related' - news for academic related and professional staff
    '...and related' is a regular newsletter reporting on the work of the Academic Related, Professional Staff Committee and other developments affecting academic-related and professional staff members.
  • Adult Education News
    Visit the adult and community education pages for the latest adult education newsletter.
  • Anti-casualisation news
    Regular newsletter produced by UCU's Anti-casualisation Committee.
  • Black members' news
    News and information produced by UCU's equality unit for members and branches.
  • Disabled members' news
    News and information produced by UCU's equality unit for members and branches.
  • Environmental news
    An occasional newsletter on environmental news for UCU representatives and interested members.
  • Equality news
    Equality news and documents produced by UCU's equality unit for information and to advise branches, local associations and members.
  • Health and safety news
    The monthly UCU Health and Safety newsletter is written for UCU health and safety representatives, branch/local association representatives and other interested members of UCU.
  • Policy - see the new 'policy hub'
    Policy News, a newsletter from the UCU's policy department
  • Prison education news
    The newsletter is circulated to all UCU prison education reps with the latest on developments in the sector and related information.
  • Summary financial information: statement to members
    The statements to members below are issued in accordance with Section 32A of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.
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