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UCU equality newsletter archive

A listing of the regular newsletters produced by UCU's equality unit.

Equality News

UCU's bimonthly printed newsletter on equality issues

Issue 24, September 2013

Issue 23, November 2012

Issue 22, July 2012

Issue 22, April 2012

Issue 21, September 2011
Main story: Annual Equality Conferences 2011

Issue 20, April 2011
Main story: Equality Act - Positive action in recruitment and promotion

Issue 18, September 2010
Main story: The Equality Act 2010

Issue 17, March 2010
Main story: Anti-fascist campaigning

Issue 16, January 2010
Main story: UCU equality scheme

Issue 15, November 2009
Main story: UCU equality scheme

Issue 14, September 2009
Main story: Annual equality conferences

Issue 13, June 2009
Main story: Equality Bill

Issue 12, April 2009
Main story: The Bradford review

Issue 11, July 2008
Main story: The Equality Bill

Issue 10, April 2008
Main story: 'From Compliance to Culture Change' - demands of the Commission for Disabled Staff in Lifelong Learning

Issue 9, February 2008
Main story: Bullying and harassment leaps to the top of the agenda

Issue 8, November 2007
Main story: Gender pay gap widens in FE and HE

Issue 7, August 2007
Main story:UCU's first equality conferences - coming up!

Issue 6, June 2007
Main story: Championing equality at UCU Congress and beyond

Issue 5, May 2007
Main story: Time to challenge fixed retirement ages

Issue 4, January 2007
Main story: The Gender Equality Duty - how ready is your college/university?

Issue 3, November 2006
Main story: Disability Equality Duty FAQs

Issue 2, September 2006
Main story: Age regulations - some questions answered

Issue 1, July 2006
Main story: Communicating on equality in UCU

Equality Extra

An electronic newsletter for everyone in UCU concerned about equality.

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