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UCU supports many campaigns and campaigning and lobbying organisations across the UK and the globe.

These organisations and campaigns are listed below. See also see our international solidarity page for further information on UCU's international affiliations.

Abortion Rights (National Abortion Campaign)

Abortion Rights is the UK's grassroots organisation leading the campaign to defend and extend women's rights to abortion.

Action for ESOL

The Action for ESOL campaign was set up in 2011 after new restrictions on funding for vital ESOL courses were announced.

ACTSA: Action for South Africa

ACTSA campaigns with the people of Southern Africa as they strive to build a better future. Working for peace, democracy and development across the region, ACTSA is the successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is the world's leading human rights organization. Its purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

Anti Academies Alliance

Opposing the creation of academy schools.

Love Music Hate Racism

This uses the energy of the music scene to celebrate diversity and involve people in anti-racist and anti-fascist activity and urge people to vote against fascist candidates in elections. LMHR has helped to mobilise against further BNP election victories, in the tradition of the Rock Against Racism (RAR) movement of the late 1970s.

British Science Association

The BA is a charity which exists to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering.

United Kingdom's Disabled People's Council (UKDPC)

The United Kingdom's Disabled People's Council (UKDPC) (was the British Council of Disabled People) aims to promote disabled people's full equality and participation in UK society.

Campaign Against Domestic Violence (CADV)

CADV aims to increase awareness of domestic violence; to improve facilities and services for women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence; to campaign for legal change and for the recognition of domestic violence as a workplace issue.

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom was established in 1979. It works for a more accountable, democratic, freer and diverse media.

Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers

This national group represents the views of several local committees working to defend the rights of asylum seekers on issues including detention, dispersal and welfare.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign works in the UK to raise awareness of the illegal US economic blockade of Cuba and defends the Cuban's people's right to self-determination. It is a non-party political, not-for-profit organisation.

Education International

Education International is the global union federation for teachers, representing 29 million teachers in 348 unions in 166 countries. EI is a leading member of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE)

The European Trade Union Committee for Education represents 118 teachers' unions. It aims to promote the interests of organisations of teachers and education employees and of education within the European Economic Area.

Friends of Birzeit University

Friends of Birzeit University has been supporting education at Palestine's leading university since 1978. It campaigns for the right to education for all Palestinian students, provides scholarships to Birzeit students, fundraises for the university, and secures and manages grants from British and European donors for key community development projects.

Hands Off Venezuela

The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign was established to generate awareness about Venezuela within the labour and trade union movement and among young people. Its main task is to promote the social gains of the Bolivarian Revolution and mobilise public opinion against imperialist aggression towards Venezuela.

Give full support to the Venezuelan Revolution, which has repeatedly proved its democratic credentials, in its struggle to liberate the oppressed of Venezuela.

International Centre for Trade Union Rights (ICTUR)

ICTUR was established in 1987 to defend and extend the rights of trade unions and trade unionists and to increase awareness of trade union rights and their violations.

Since that time it has established a global network of trade unionists, NGOs, lawyers and academics.

Irish Congress of Trades Unions

Congress is the largest civil society organisation on the island, representing and campaigning on behalf of some 770,000 working people. Congress seeks to achieve a just society primarily through the organisation of workers in unions.

Justice for Colombia

Justice for Columbia exists to provide solidarity to the Colombian trade union movement. Colombia is the most dangerous country in the world in which to be a trade unionist and over 500 trade union members have been murdered since the current President took power in 2002.


Liberty is one of the UK's leading human rights and civil liberties organisations. It believes in a society based on the democratic participation of all its members and the principles of justice, openness, the right to dissent and respect for diversity.

National Assembly Against Racism

The National Assembly Against Racism (NAAR) runs campaigns and educational programmes on fighting the far right, asylum and immigration rights, racial violence, black deaths in custody and on developments at a European level. NAAR is currently engaged in opposing the attacks on multiculturalism and the rise of Islamophobia.

National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF)

This aims to promote an environment where people can save for their retirement, with confidence, in the workplace. It provides a wide range of services to our members to help them keep abreast of market developments and to comply with the law. It also lobbies parliament for a better pensions system.

National Civil Rights Movement

Campaigns for racial justice and equal human rights for ethnic minorities.

Right to Remain

Right to Remain, formerly the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, gives advice and support about anti-deportation campaigns, raises awareness in the public of the effects of inhumane and unjust immigration policy, and lobbies for change.

National Institute of Adult Continuing Education - England and Wales (NIACE)

NIACE aims to promote the study and general advancement of adult continuing education.

It supports an increase in the total numbers of adults engaged in formal and informal learning in England and Wales, encourages positive action to improve opportunities and widen access to learning opportunities for those communities under-represented in current provision.

National Pensioners Convention

NPC aims to promote the welfare and interests of all pensioners both now and in the future, as a way of securing dignity, respect and financial security in retirement.

The NPC organises rallies and lobbies of MPs, leads delegations to parliament and makes submissions to government on policies affecting older people.


NO2ID is a single-issue campaigning organisation focussed on the threat to liberty and privacy posed by the rapid growth of the database state, of which 'ID cards' are the most visible part.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The PSC aims to raise public awareness about Palestine and its people and to bring pressure on both the British and the Israeli government to bring their policies in line with international law. It is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation.

Public Service Pensioners' Council

The PSPC aims to secure an effective national pensions framework comprising realistic levels of basic state retirement pension, together with an effective national pensions partnership between the government and employers to foster and encourage good occupational pension provision.

Robin Hood Tax Campaign

A campaign is calling on the leaders of the UK's political parties to support a global tax on the banks to help repair the human damage caused by the global economic crisis, protect public services at home, fight poverty abroad and help foot the bill for climate change.

Schools Out

Goals are to provide a formal and informal support network for all people who want to raise the issue of homophobia and heterosexism in education and to research, debate and stimulate curriculum development on LGBT issues.

Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities

Skill's aims are to promote equality in education, training and employment for disabled people. Skill's Information Service gives free advice to all disabled people and those working with them.

Speak up for Public Services

The TUC Speak up for Public Services campaign brings together the 26 unions with members in the public sector. It is speaking out for the six million public sector workers in the country.


Stonewall has subsequently put the case for equality on the mainstream political agenda by winning support within all the main political parties.

Stop the War Coalition

Stop the War aims to build the largest and most widely based opposition possible to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trades Union Congress (TUC)

With member unions representing over six and a half million working people, the TUC campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad.

Trade Union Disability Alliance

TUDA is an organisation of disabled trade union members which aims to co-ordinate the perspective of disabled people in the trade union movement; work within, and lobby, trade unions to ensure they make their own services accessible and relevant to disabled members; increase understanding of disability as an equalities issues, giving talks and training to trade unions; and work with disabled people to persuade them of the benefits of trade union membership and activity.

Trade Union Friends of Searchlight

Searchlight's aim is to combat racism, neo-nazism, fascism and all forms of prejudice. The magazine was first published in 1975 and has been tracking and covering the activities of the far right, racist and fascist movements across the UK and Europe.

Unite Against Fascism

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is a national campaign formed to defeat the British National Party (BNP), National Front and other fascist organisations in Britain. UAF unites the trade union movement, anti-racist and anti-fascist movement, black and Asian communities, lesbian and gay communities and all those opposed to fascism.

UAF campaigns against fascism in all its forms. UAF campaigns against the BNP in elections and also mobilises whenever fascist organise demonstrations to whip up racism.

UKCISA: UK Council for International Student Affairs

UKCOSA's work is informed by the belief that numerous benefits arise from international student mobility. In this belief it promotes and seeks to protect the interests of students from other countries studying in the UK; the interest of students from the UK studying - or wishing to study abroad; the factors facilitating international student mobility.

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is a broad-based campaign in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

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