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Equality publications

Key publications and other important documents on equality issues produced by UCU's equality unit.

Specific guidance on equality issues for branch/local association officers can be found in the equality resource centre in the UCU activists section of the website. Equality publications from UCU's parent unions - AUT and NATFHE - can be found in the equality publications archive.


Equality Toolkit - a Resource for UCU Equality Reps and Regional Equality Officers

This is guide designed for UCU equality officers. It contains plenty of useful information and links around equality legislation, how to campaign for equality and and how to link in with UCU's work. If you require a hard copy, contact eqadmin@ucu.org.uk

Equality Toolkit (.pdf) [892kb]

UCU Equality Duties Toolkit

UCU Equality Duty Toolkit (.pdf) [165kb]

Equality Act 2010 Briefing

2010 Equality Act briefing (.pdf) [139kb]
2010 Equality Act briefing (.doc) [144kb]

See also our equality resources

Disability equality

See also our disability equality resources

Gender equality

See also our gender equality resources

LGBT equality

See also our LBGT resources

Age equality

See also our Age equality resources

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