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Equality publications archive

An archive of equality publications from UCU's two parent unions, AUT and NATFHE.

Materials in the AUT/NATFHE archive are based on the policies of the relevant 'parent' union and may not accurately reflect current UCU policy.


 (.pdf) file type icon The diverse academy (.pdf) [2.0Mb] - pay and employment of academic and professional staff in HE by gender and ethnicity, AUT research October 2005

 (.pdf) file type icon Human values not family values (.pdf) [86kb] NATFHE discussion document October 1997


 (.pdf) file type icon Challenging Age Discrimination (.pdf) [98kb] NATFHE policy document and model policy, May 2004


 (.doc) file type icon SENDA and Disability Act 2001 (.doc) [65kb] AUT guidance January 2003

 (.rtf) file type icon Employment and earnings of UK academic staff with disabilities (.rtf) [517kb] AUT research 2001

Deaf people and equal rights, NATFHE guidance for branch officers and members, 1998. Print version only, email eqadmin@ucu.org.uk to request a copy.


 (.pdf) file type icon Ethnicity and the use of discretionary pay in UK HE (2002-03) (.pdf) [272kb] AUT research October 2005

 (.pdf) file type icon Implementing the Race Relations Act (.pdf) [1011kb] a NATFHE/UNISON guide November 2004

Race and representation, a NATFHE enquiry, May 2003

Religion or belief

 (.doc) file type icon NATFHE and its Muslim members (.doc) [130kb] guide for branches July 2005

 (.doc) file type icon NATFHE and its Jewish members (.doc) [81kb] NEC statement, October 2003

 (.pdf) file type icon Discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief (.pdf) [1.5Mb] NATFHE guidance February 2002

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