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'Invest in substance over style', says UCU ahead of Lords debate

19 April 2007

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Ahead of a Lords debate today on the role universities are playing in shaping the future of the UK, the joint general secretary of UCU, Sally Hunt, warned that staff, and the work they do, must not just be an afterthought.

The debate on the economic impact of higher education institutions has been called for by Universities UK chief executive Baroness Warwick.

Sally Hunt said: 'We welcome any debate about higher education in parliament, however both chambers must remember that the reason the UK has such a proud international record is largely due to the quite remarkable work of the people delivering education in our institutions.

'However, increased student numbers, an obsession with paperwork and advances in electronic communication mean lecturers and researchers now have a lot more to do besides just getting on with the job.

'I, like Baroness Warwick, want to see more money invested in higher education. However, I want it invested in substance over style. Rather than money being spent on new buildings, we need funding for staff so we can recruit and retain the talented lecturers and researchers that this country needs.'
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