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Specialist employment groups

UCU works hard to protect and improve the working conditions of members who work in a number of distinct employment categories, and who can find they are faced with particular issues.

Many of these specialist interest groups have their own input into UCU's decision-making processes through advisory committees or annual member meetings.

  • Academic-related professional staff
    UCU is the voice for academic-related staff.
  • Adult, youth and community education staff
    The government's funding priorities for further and adult education which are wreaking havoc in branches in colleges and adult education services across the country. Thousands of adult education courses and hundreds of UCU members' jobs are at risk.
  • Agency workers
    The use of agency staff in further education is widespread. Many colleges use them only for genuine short term unpredictable staff cover for sickness, but some colleges actually employ more than 50% of their staff through agencies.
  • Fixed-term, part-time and hourly paid staff
    Fixed-term and hourly paid staff are faced with job insecurity which blights our further and higher education systems, bringing with it inefficiency, inequality and personal stress.
  • Health educators
    UCU represents health professionals/educators working in the higher education sector and undertakes a range of activities to support health educator and promote the valuable work they do.
  • Landbased education staff
    Land-based educators up and down the country are facing overwork, redundancies, mergers, new programmes and cuts to programmes.
  • MRC, NIBSC and Imanet staff
    UCU, through its predecessor union AUT, has been representing staff employed by the MRC, NIBSC and Hammersmith Imanet for many years.
  • Prison education staff
    Prison education is the unsung part of post-school education. It plays a crucial role in work with offenders and the prevention of re-offending. Its lecturers work often work in the most difficult of situations, often with less support or respect.
  • Young members in UCU
    UCU provides a range of professional development resources designed for younger members and campaigns for better access to training, professional development and support for new staff in colleges and universities.
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