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These pages contain advice and information for members and officers on health and safety issues, safety representatives and environmental policy.

Your health and safety

Your employer has a duty to provide a safe and healthy working environment for you. Individual workers also have a duty to take care of their own health and safety. Workers who contribute to health and safety at work are safer and healthier than those who do not. Working with your UCU safety representative is the best way for you to do this and to help create a safe and healthy working environment. Safety studies show that employees are twice as likely to be injured in a non-union workplace. UCU also has a dedicated health and safety team offering support and advice to local safety reps.

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What is a union safety representative?

A safety rep is fellow worker elected by other union members to look after the health and safety of the people they work with. Much of what they do benefits everyone in their section, both union and non-union employees. If you would like to help make your college a safer, healthier and more pleasant place to work, why not consider becoming a UCU safety rep? UCU provides regular training, a health and safety newsletter and a national health and safety team to support our safety reps. Talking to an existing safety rep would be a good way to find out more about being a UCU safety rep, or you can contact your branch secretary.

Our environment

There is a growing awareness that maintaining a safe and healthy work environment cannot be isolated from the welfare of the environment as a whole. UCU members are increasingly concerned about environmental issues and UCU now has clear policy encouraging the development of environmental reps and support for both local campaigns and those such as the TUC's on the environment. Members can receive a regular UCU environmental newsletter with details of activities.

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