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UCU legal services FAQs

We've answered some of the questions members frequently ask about UCU's legal services below.

We hope these FAQs answer your queries, but if not please do not hesitate to contact UCU's legal services team on 020 7756 2617 or email: legalservices@ucu.org.uk

You can also  (.pdf) file type icon download the full scheme regulations here (.pdf) [135kb].

Q:What services does the union offer?
Q:Is there a qualifying period of membership?
Q:How do I apply?
Q:Will the union represent me?
Q:Once I have submitted an application for legal services in an employment dispute will the union automatically protect my interests and observe all time limits for me?
Q:Who decides what legal support I am entitled to? Who decides what legal support I am entitled to?
Q:What criteria are used by the Legal Support Review Panel in deciding whether to support in legal cases?
Q:Will I be able to explain my case to the Legal Support Review Panel?
Q:Who decides how my legal case is run?
Q:Will the union provide legal representation at hearings before an employment tribunal or court?
Q:What responsibilities do I have if the union provides legal support?
Q:Do I have to pay anything?
Q:If I am ordered by a court or tribunal to pay my opponent's legal costs, will the union pay these for me?
Q:Can the union's lawyers help me if I am asked by my employer to sign a settlement agreement?
Q:If I am awarded compensation will I receive all of it?
Q:How are personal injury claims conducted?
Q:I have legal expenses insurance included as part of my household or motor insurance policy. Should I use these instead of the union's scheme?
Q:Which lawyers do you use?
Q:Which NEC members are on the Legal Panel?

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