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Requirements for foreign nationals

What you need to know about this system and how it may affect you

Non EEA Nationals Academic Staff

Non EEA Nationals

Education Provider

Tiers 1 and 2 and 5 for Sponsored Researchers

Tier 4


Obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship licence from the employer

Obtain a Confirmation of acceptance for studies from the education provider

Register with the UKBA and be issued with a Sponsorship Licence to employ/teach non EEA nationals.

Issue non EEA nationals with the appropriate certificate


Highly skilled non EEA nationals must show that they have adequate funds for at least three months - the local equivalent of £2,800 for themselves and £1,600 for each family member or £7,600 for a typical family of four.

Non EEA students will need to show that they have funds of £9,600 for themselves and £535 for each dependent in addition to tuition fees that must be paid in full if they want to study for 12 months or more.

No access to public funds

Tier 2 only:
small - £300
large - £1000

Tiers 2 & 4:
small - £400
large - £1000

Tiers 2 & 5:
small - £400
large - £1000

Tiers 2,4 & 5:
small - £400
large - £1000

Tiers 4 only:
small - £400
large - £400

Small/large refers to the size of the organisation

Documentation & Report

Issued with biometric ID cards

Abide by immigration rules and guidance

Issued with biometric ID cards

Abide by immigration rules and guidance

Keep copies of all their international students' passports and biometric ID cards

Keep and update foreign workers and students' contact details

Alert the Home Office (UKBA) to any non EEA national that fails to enrol no later than 10 working days after the end of the prescribed enrolment period.

Stopped attending for reasons of withdrawing from the course

Defers studies after arrival in the UK

Licenses will be revoked if education providers fail to meet the above requirements and penalties implemented if no application for sponsorship is made. If no licence has been issued to either the international academic or student from their education provider, the UKBA will not issue a student/work visa as the licence also acts as a pledge that they accept responsibility while they are in the UK.

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