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10:10 Project

This campaign aims to get individuals and institutions to cut their carbon emissions by 10% by the end of 2010.

It was launched on 1 September 2009 and has already attracted a lot of publicity, particularly in The Guardian and The Sun who are jointly supporting it. UCU branches and associations should try to get their institution signed up for it. This can be done at the 10:10 campaign website

10:10 campaign launch : 10:10 campaign launchUCU was represented at the September launch of the 10:10 campaign at the Tate Modern by its environmental co-ordinator, Graham Petersen. By signing up to 10:10, UCU will commit itself to cut 10% of its emissions next year. On the launch date the following universities and colleges made the pledge - Edinburgh University, Westminster University, King's College London, Liverpool University and South Thames College. A number of student unions as well as the NUS signed.

To maximise the planet's chances of preventing runaway climate change, we must quickly and massively cut global emissions. To quickly and massively cut global emissions we need a binding international treaty and the last chance we have to get that treaty within the timescale of the physics of the planet is the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen December this year.

This initiative fits with our Climate Solidarity Project. The Climate Action Groups we aim to set up can become an important mechanism for achieving the cuts. 10:10 have produced a handy guide on how you can reduce your emissions. This guidance will be a resource that can be used by Climate Action Groups.

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