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USS changes - key questions

Key questions about negotiations between UCU and the employers on the future of the USS pension scheme, the proposals, and the consultative ballot.

Q:What is USS?
Q:Who pays what currently?
Q:How is USS currently run?
Q:How financially secure is USS?
Q:Does the fact that people are living longer endanger USS's financial health?
Q:Why did the union enter negotiations with the employers over USS in the first place?
Q:What were UCU's proposals?
Q:What would be the impact of UCU's proposals?
Q:What were the employers' proposals?
Q:Why does UCU oppose the employers' position?
Q:What would this mean for my pension?
Q:How will the employers' proposals affect fixed-term staff?
Q:Would I have to work for longer under the employers' proposals?
Q:What impact would the CARE proposals have on a new starters' pension?
Q:What impact would a two-tier system have on the workforce?
Q:What would the impact of a CARE style reduction in pension benefits be?
Q:Why do the employers want to cut pension benefits?
Q:Won't the employers cut jobs if they can't cut pension benefits?
Q:Aren't all public sector pension funds going to have to make changes to save money. Why should academics have special treatment?
Q:VCs seem to get bigger and bigger pension pots when they leave. Are we as USS fund members paying for those private deals?

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