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UCU Training FAQS

Q:Why should I train?
Q:How do UCU courses run?
Q:How much do courses cost?
Q:Where do courses run?
Q:What are the start and finish times?
Q:Are UCU courses accredited?
Q:Can I apply for courses running out of my region?
Q:What if a course that I want to attend isn't running in my region?
Q:How do I arrange time off to attend training?
Q:If I work part time and I attend training on a day that I wouldn't normally be working should I still get paid?
Q:What happens if I have a place on a course and find that I can no longer attend?
Q:Are UCU courses residential?
Q:How do I organise training sessions that are not part of the national training programme?
Q:Can I attend reps training whilst I am on sick leave?

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