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Petition opposing the IfL fee increase: 1-500

We the undersigned note that the Institute for Learning (IfL) has decided to more than double the costs of membership to £68. We further note that membership is compulsory and that this fee is being charged at a time when the cost of living is rising and pay levels are being eroded. We call on the IfL to reverse this decision with immediate effect.

1-500 | 501-1,000 | 1,001-1,500 | 1,501-2,000 | 2,001-2,500 | 2,501-3,000 | 3,001-3,500 | 3,501-4,000 | 4,001-4,500 | 4,501-5,000 | 5,001-5,500 | 5,501-6,000 | 6,001-6,500 | 6,501-7,000 | 7,001-7,500 | 7,501-8,000 | 8,001-8,500 | 8,501-9,000 | 9,001-9,500 | 9,501-10,000 | 10,001-10,500 | 10,501-11,000 | 11,001-11,500 | 11,501-12,000 | 12,001-12,500 | 12,501-13,000 | 13,001-13,500 | 13,501-14,000 | 14,001-14,500 | 14,501-15,000 | 15,001-15,500 | 15,501-16,000 | 16,001-16,500 | 16,501-17,000 | 17,001-17,500 | 17,501-18,000 | 18,001-18,500 | 18,501-19,000 | 19,001-19,500 | 19,501-20,000 | 20,001-20,500 | 20,501-21,000 | 21,001-21,500 | 21,501-22,000 | 22,001-22,155  >

Full nameLocation
Chris Wood Bradford College
Pam Clarke Liverpool
Pam Singleton Hopwood Hall College
John Ashcroft Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale
john allcock liverpool community college
Brian Hambidge New College Nottingham
sandra holmes liverpool community college. duke street
Demetrios Hadjidemetriou City and Islington College, Lonodn
Martin Rice Newbury College
jane kendall hopwood hall college
simon jones liverpool community college
Mohammed Hopwood Hall College
Alison McDowall Liverpool Community College
Tony Roebuck Hopwood Hall College
Brian Rappert University of Exeter
Marie Bell Newcastle College
Matt Cooke Colchester Institute
Tom May Newcastle College Sixth Form
Andrew Prentice Hopwood Hall College
Kathy Humphries New College Nottingham
Irene Launders Chesterfield College, Derbyshire
Tom Whittaker Lambeth College
Moya Frances St Helens College
John Solecki Chesterfield College
lynn murrell rochdale
betty rooney liverpool community college
Veronica Davies Open University
Kirsty Walker Liverpool Community College
Gerralyn Ingram Hopwood Hall College
Professor Peter Biller University of York
Derrick Phipps Bolton College
Marie Morley University of Bath
Dr Kate Bradley University of Kent
Barbara Thompson Hopwood Halll College
Eleni Liarou Birkbeck College
Grace Crosbie Hopwood Hall College Rochdale
Janette Baird St Helens College
Shirley Bertenshaw Bolton College
Lorraine Millward Macclesfield College
NIck Langridge Stroud College FE
Tim Hutton New College Stamford
Elke Bock Westminster Adult Education Service
Denise Matthews Manchester Adult Eduction Service
Claire Shelton-Jones City College Brighton and Hove
Sue Sutton Manchester Adult education service
Lorna Kinsey-Jones Liverpool Community College
Lauren ivers Manchester Adult Education Service
Beatrix Groves Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne
Alf dunn Trafford College
Fiona Moate Manchester Adult Education Service
Karan Leslie Bolton College
ian St Helens
Alistair Lowe South Nottingham College
Michael Benford Burton College
colin adam K College
pete wardle trafford college
Janet Dawson Manchester Adult Education Service
Janette Parry Trafford College
sally-ann morrison st helens college
Liz Epps Wirral Metropolitan College
Helen Flynn Wirral Metropolitan College
David Green ST.Helens College/Foundation Academy
David Deller Bedford
Ken Gellion Wirral Metropolitan College
Diane Mallison/Frangos Bolton College
Donna Powton Newcastle
Sarah Christian Morley College
Jon Bryan UCU
Joe Delaney Wirral Met College
Eugenia Bruce Norton College
Colette Jones Manchester Adult Education
B.Rees Manchester Adult Ed
Steve Presence UWE, Bristol
sharon Freeman St Helens College
voirrey hampson trafford college
chris donahue wirral
Alison Haddock St Helens College
shaun kearns doncaster college
Graham Bristow Penwith College
Ken Halsall St helens College
Rosemary Sharples Manchester
Michelle Rowley Wirral Metropolitan College
lynn wilde liverpool community college
Philip Nash City College Norwich
Janet Devereux Bolton College
Val Beasley Bolton College
Duncan Davies West Suffolk College
Julie Rawlinson Bolton College
fiona wright bolton college
Jo Sutcliffe St Helens College
P Herron manchester
Robert Lazenby Sheffield City College
Andrew Drummond Lancaster University
wanda zyborska Bangor University
Rory Lees-Oakes Warrington Collegiate
christina Hemming Hopwood Hall College
Paul Burns Wirral Metropolitan College
Clare Martin Liverpool Community College
Craig Matthews Hopwood Hall Middleton
Amy Gault Hopwood Hall College
jo patel Victoria Mill, Miles Platting, Manchester
Patricia Hardman Wirral Metropolitan College
James Clarke St Helens College
Victoria Rance Greenwich Community College
Sarah Hicklin manchester Adult Education service
Dave Gibson Barnsley College
Terry Clarke HMP Altcourse
Irena The Manchester College
Vincent Murphy Manchester Adult Education Service
Heidy Kempe-Bottcher The Manchester College
Saima Hanif Hopwood Hall College
Adalgisa Serio Open University
Wendy Hawkins Strode College, Street, Somerset
Alan Cummings Newcastle college
David Williams Selby College
Jonathan Purcell Mid Cheshire College
David Attwood HMP Bullingdon
tracey molloy wirral metropolitan college
Gail Salt The Training Brokers
peter roberts bolton college
Patricia Swaby Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale
michael warwick Bolton College
David Ridley Preston College
Simon Poole St Helens College
Phil Nunnery St Helens College
Susan Lewis Preston College
Andy Davidson Southport College
Sharon Sims-King South Cheshire College
Dave McCarthy Wirral Metropolitan College
David Hawkins Hugh Baird College. Balliol Road, Bootle. Liverpool.
Philip Whiteside Hughbaird College
tom somers wirral met college, birkenhead, wirral
Jim McKeon Hugh Baird College, Bootle, Merseyside
Barbara Wilson Southport College
Maria McCallum Hugh Baird College
Andy Humphries Hugh Baird College
Phil Hugh Baird College,Bootle,Liverpool
William Wormald Hugh Baird College, Bootle Liverpool
Jean McKean Wirral Metropolitan college
martin stone South Cheshire College
diane broughton wirral metropolitan college
David Blackmore Hugh Baird College
Clare Carney Preston College
Pamela McCarthy Hugh Baird College
carol medlicott hugh baird college
sharon drysdale Hopwood Hall College Rochdale
jodi parker west suffok college
J.R. Lamond Southport College
Andy Turnbull Wirral Metropolitan College
susan kay southport college
kevin harrison The Manchester College
Gill Czarnecka Liverpool community college
john hajdar bolton college
Tim horrocks Wigan and Leigh College
Christine Hoey Preston College
kath wood WMC/Liverpool
Gary Spowage Wakefield College
Sue Mather St Helens College
catherine orme west suffolk college
Brenda O'Brien St Helens College
Will Burrlock Westsuffolk College
Louise Briggs South Cheshire College
Linda Buchanan South Cheshire College
Valerie Clarke Trafford College Manchester
Jenny Elliott Southport College
Valerie Pallister Wirral
Steven King Stafford College
Mr R Wilkinson Birmingham
Greg Doyle Wirral Metropolitan College
Peter Astle Burton College
Graham McCloud West Suffolk College
John Mather Southport College
Gilly Ford Bolton College
Lewis Tylor Wirral Metropolitan Colege
Kelly Broughton Southport College
Denise Greenwood Southport College
Jan Farthing Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale
Dr Elfneh U. Bariso CoHENEL
Annette Preece Brooklands College
Pat Trueman The Manchester College
Derek J Lea Southport College`
Jason Davies Trafford College
Adrian Whittaker
john wigley preston college
David Penri-Evans Brooklands College
Kathy Charles Preston college
Michael Baker Trafford College/Stretford, Manchester
Dave harrison St Helens College
Kevin Murphy Preston College
Richard Hyde Loughborough College
Paul Spillane south cheshire college
Adrian Lwrence WSC
James Eaden Chesterfield College
Bernie Nunn West Suffolk College
Denis Newell South Cheshire College
jolene taylor runshaw college
John Spanton West Suffolk College, Bury St Edmunds
Maria Bliss Leicester College
Peter Stokes Burton College
Donna Quansah Loughborough College
Maggie Kingsbury-Smith Loughborough College
joan barnes Runshaw college
Nicky Davis Keele University
Ian McKeand Leicester College
Sean Flanagan Runshaw College
Lyndsey Nicholson South Cheshire College, Crewe, Cheshire
Mark Juszkiewicz West Suffolk College
Kim Hide Loughborough College
Mark Glarvey Loughborough College
Elzunia Hejda Runshaw College
malcolm carson bolton college
Chris Eardley South Cheshire College Crewe
Helen Lamble Leicester College
Vanessa Craig Runshaw College
dianne bevington F E
Janet Belshaw Runshaw College
christinamoyskaa z Loughborough College
K D Drew Leicester College,Leicester
miss amanda cobden-smith Leicester College
stephen shaw burton college
John Evans Preston College
Jane Worthington Loughborough College
David Gordon K College
Kevin Preston-Brom Lambeth College
Thomas Smith Wirral Metroplotian College
karen spalding Burton College
Pat Gorman K College
Ian MacKay Rochdale LANCS
Steve Huddleston Runshaw College, Leyland PR25 3DQ
R K ettell leicester college
David Rice St Helens College
Tony Lloyd Southport College
Martin Rowe Leicester College
diane cragg runshaw college
Paula Dyas St Helens College
Jane Pound Wirral Metropolitan College
John Perry Cornwall College
Lucy Stone Leicester College
nicola johnston burton college
john sheron st helens college
Ian Algie NNC
Tim Turner Loughborough College
Rebecca Apps Canterbury College
Dorothy Gabbott Runshaw College
Richard Bee Leicester college
lisa bolton college
Adrian McLoughlin St.Helens College.
Anthony O'Connell Liverpool Community College
mahesh chavda loughborough
Jason Green Liverpool Community College
Dr. M. C Hopkin Exeter College
Anne Billson Leicester College
I. L. Pepperill-Clarke Leicester College
richard jonas canterbury college
Gemma Greenwood Wirral Metropolitan College
Paul McHugh Hugh Baird College
Robert Letsche Hugh Baird College Bootle
Charles Atkinson Cornwall College
maureen pemberton stourbridge college
Collette Pomfret Runshaw College
Louise Gibbard Halesowen College
tony collier hugh baird college bootle
Marian Warford Bristol
Gillian Watson Runshaw College
James Lee Leicester College
Paul Short Mid Kent College
Teresa Copson Runshaw College Lancashire
Jeanette Elston Duchy College
Paul Davies West suffolk college
Jean Bignell Cornwall College Saltash
martyn pearson hugh baird college
Paul Watters Southport College, Merseyside
Michael Byrne Canterbury College
michelle driver leicester college- smc
Ian Morris Wirral Met
Samantha Rhodes Loughborough College
Paul Johnson Southport College
Annie Latimer Central Sussex College
Chris Lavers Cornwall College saltsah
Nick Brownjohn Runshaw College Leyland
Sarah Howard Wirral Metropolitan College
sara fisher runshaw college
Martin Matthews Cornwall College St Austell
Laurence Peter Rea Maidstone, Kent
Carole Rogers Walsall College
Vincent Morley Hughbaird College
Chris Waller City of Bristol College
Ruth Dews Burton College
Patricia Ross Midkent College
Rachael Willoughby K College Tonbridge
Elizabeth Baxter Loughborough College
Ken Dunlop Hugh Baird College
Mr David Bass South Leicestershire College
Jon Dyke Bridgwater College
tony cheetham loughborough college
penny Wright Loughborough College
Kevin McTavish Henley College of FE
Julie Balmer Hugh Baird College
Clive Huntbach South Cheshire College
Helen Beaumont Runshaw College
Emma Gould MidKent College/Gillingham
Anthony Finch Midkent College, Gillingham
Leah Varnell Exeter College
Deborah Chandler Canterbury College
Julie Vincent Mid Kent College
gail gale central sussex college
Hazel Budd City of Bristol College
maxine berryman Leicester College , St Margaret's campus
Olivia Robins Exeter College
Steve Hunter Central Sussex College
Louise Timms Walsall College
Stephen Mente Central Sussex College
Vincent Slattery Brockenhurst College
Jason Wilkins Midkent College / Medway
karen turner Bolton College
sara shelston shropshire
Howard Gilbert Canterbury college
Margaret Martin Blackpool & The Fylde College
Stephen Terry Aylesbury College
Ian Painting Canterbury College
Linda Crittenden Maidstone
Phillip Goodall Leicester College
Rachel Pownall Harvey City of Bristol College, Bristol
Boyd Fitch Suffolk New College, Ipswich
clare bains northampton college
Mike Fryer South Essex College
Robert Hastie MidKent College
Alec Skuse City of Bristol College
David Degenhardt Cornwall College, St.Austell.
Vanessa Marr Suffolk New College
A. barker Sussex Downs College
Susan Billington Hugh Baird College, Bootle, Merseyside
Dolores Phillips Stourbridge College
Jasmine Abineri Suffolk New College
Catherine Kennedy Hugh Baird College
samantha wheatley leicester college
Jan thompson Sussex Downs College
Linda Challenger Loughborough Collegfe
Andrea McDevitt Liverpool Community College
Bridget Brown Midkent College
Andy Laimbeer Maidstone, Kent
Lora McElhatton Henley College Coventry
Jason Embery Suffolk New College
Joel Petrie Liverpool Community College
Lawrence Peak Castle College, Nottingham
Denise Ferry Liverpool Community College
Amanda Smith Henley College Coventry
Karen McLeary Walsall College
Barrie Featherstone Mid Kent College
Sam Chapman New College Stamford
Elizabeth New College Stamford
Lesley McCarthy Wirral Metropolitan College
Lyndsey Healey Liverpool Community College
John Nothard Sussex Downs College
Joanne Jones College of West Anglia
Julie Weekes Central Bedfordshire College, Dunstable
Angela Beale Loughborough College
S Booth Leicester College
Helen Papachristos City & Islington College
Rachael Aston Stourbridge College
Mick Stevens Northampton College
graham greenfield northampton college
Joe Arnaud Canterbury College
Alan Beastall Loughborough College
Caroline Owen Southport College
David Brooks MidKent College
Peter Grue TCAT
Clive Viktor Budden Midkent College Medway
Chris Youle Canterbury College
Gareth lloyd south cheshire college
jackie barton canterbury college
Mark Hopkinson Canterbury College
Chris Baker Southport College
Elizabeth Hudson RNC Hereford
Haron Ismail Midkent College
Pam Kaminski Telford College
Andy Ketchen Telford College, Shropshire
Malcolm Selley Huntingdonshire Regional College
Theresa Seeley Midkent College Maidstone
Thelma Smith Telford College of Arts and Technology
Terry Farrell Hertford Regional College
M Arain Central Beds. College
Clive Lawson Sandwell College / West Midlands
Simon Bruce-Jones TCAT
Elizabeth Murgatroyd Brockenhurst College
Andrea Bennett Ware Hertfordshire
Tony Marsh maidstone
Tony Truscott Mid Kent College
nedjat Telford College
Brian Hunter MidKent College Maidstone
Eleanor Midkent College
Carol Wrycraft MidKent College - Maidstone
Dave Atkinson Midkent College, Maidstone, Kent.
Rowena Moir Lowestoft College
Robin Brown Telford College of Arts & Technology
Mahbubul Alam Lowestoft College
Rachel Ambrose The College at Braintree, Colchester Institute
Sue Clews New College Stamford
Amanda Macmaster Walford & North Shropshire College
Chris Johnson Midkent College, Oakwood Park Campus
Mrs Marina O'Callaghan HMP Bullingdon (Ther Manchester College)
Teresa Lochead Central Bedfordshire College, Dunstable
Lee Ward TCAT\Telford
Angela Green Wolverhampton Adult Education
Nick Wurr Sussex Downs College
Rob Howlett Amersham & Wycombe College / Cressex
Christopher Ash Suffolk New College
Robin Keats Cornwall college Saltash
paul copeman college of west anglia, Isle Campus
Larry Dolan Leicester College
Lorraine Hancox Hugh Baird College Liverpool
Rob Gifford hertford Regional College
Guy Vernon The Manchester College
Richard Fisher Stanmore College
Eugene Stanmore COllege
Michael Roche Sandwell College
Susanna Evans Sussex Downs College
M Brown Runshaw College
Kathy Emmott Highbury College
anne timmsa Stourbridge College
Vanessa Lovett Stanmore College
Preeti Mackan Leicester College, Leicester
Jacqueline Kay Exeter College
christine thompson midkent college
Phil Edwards Lowestoft College
Dave Trevena Cornwall College
Russell Barwick Hertford Regional College
Sally Gunnett Stanmore College
Karen Hill College of West Anglia
Alan Middleton Wirral Metropolitan College
Arnold G Wittings Grunge College
Hugh Robinson Coventry
Richard Delight College of West Anglia
angela woodley walsall college
colin nolan South Nottingham College
Vanessa Ridding Hopwood Hall College
Andrew Hibbert TCAT, Telford
Amy Phillpott Worcester College of Technology
David Borrow Stanmore College
David Calderwood Stanmore College
Richard Hodgkiss Stanmore College
Steven Rock Telford College of Arts & Technology
Anne Kidd Suffolk New College
stephen redfern burton college
Matt Harding Stourbridge
Beth Ring Amersham & Wycombe College
Katy Weber MidKent College Medway
Lisa Bowditch City of Bristol College
sharon Lovatt Stourbridge College
Bob Kelly Wirral Met College
nick.hawthorne stourbridge college
Sue Manders Lincoln College
Anna Lockwood Hopwood Hall College rochdale
Val Roberts Runshaw College
sarah meredith mid kent college medway
linda withey hopwood hall college
Tim bates suffolk New college
Rebecca Smedley-Shulman Amersham & Wycombe College, Amersham, Bucks
Jane Stevens Amersham & Wycombe College
David Ring Chelmsford College
Phil Truckel The Isle of Wight College
ian davies abingdon
Mike Lincoln WNSC
Jeremy Holland Milton Keynes College
Ken Pattison MidKent College, Gillingham.
mark pears mk college
Peter Doble Hertford Regional College
Jane Clarke College of West Anglia
Petula Boddy Milton Keynes Colelge
John French Lowestoft College Suffolk
Stephen Naghi Milton Keynes College
John Murray Stanmore College
Mark Ekin College West Anglia Cambridge
Debbie Pollard-Barns milton keynes college
Anna Matthew Suffolk New College
Gavin Hughes MidKent College
Gail Downie Chelmsford College
Adriana Temali-Smith MidKent College
diane Carter portsmouth
Stephen Williams Lowestoft College
Marie Davies Amersham & Wycombe College
Audrey Yates Runshaw College
Petee Smith Central sussex college
Louise Clarke Hugh Baird College
Adrian Pinckard Milton Keynes College

1-500 | 501-1,000 | 1,001-1,500 | 1,501-2,000 | 2,001-2,500 | 2,501-3,000 | 3,001-3,500 | 3,501-4,000 | 4,001-4,500 | 4,501-5,000 | 5,001-5,500 | 5,501-6,000 | 6,001-6,500 | 6,501-7,000 | 7,001-7,500 | 7,501-8,000 | 8,001-8,500 | 8,501-9,000 | 9,001-9,500 | 9,501-10,000 | 10,001-10,500 | 10,501-11,000 | 11,001-11,500 | 11,501-12,000 | 12,001-12,500 | 12,501-13,000 | 13,001-13,500 | 13,501-14,000 | 14,001-14,500 | 14,501-15,000 | 15,001-15,500 | 15,501-16,000 | 16,001-16,500 | 16,501-17,000 | 17,001-17,500 | 17,501-18,000 | 18,001-18,500 | 18,501-19,000 | 19,001-19,500 | 19,501-20,000 | 20,001-20,500 | 20,501-21,000 | 21,001-21,500 | 21,501-22,000 | 22,001-22,155  >

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