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Petition opposing the IfL fee increase: 5,501-6,000

We the undersigned note that the Institute for Learning (IfL) has decided to more than double the costs of membership to £68. We further note that membership is compulsory and that this fee is being charged at a time when the cost of living is rising and pay levels are being eroded. We call on the IfL to reverse this decision with immediate effect.

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Full nameLocation
Jo Woodman Hull College
Sarah Murray Herefordshire College of Technology
Debra Geall Petroc Devon
laura hart colchester institute braintree campus
Heike Klinkel City Lit Holborn, London
jan butcher petroc
mark humphries greenwich community college
Guy G Ramshaw Newcastle College
Deanna Kirby Southport College
Dennis Carey Abingdon and Witney College
Gill Kelly The College at Braintree
Ken Glanfield Tower Hamlets college
Geoffrey McQueen Truro College
malcolm skelton lincoln college
ADRIAN LIBERTO South Thames College Tooting
anna louise king central sussex college
V Cooke banbury
Andy Sankey South Essex College, Southend
Iain Byrne Blackpool and Fylde College
Julia Keltie Newcastle College
Jeannie Farr Hackney Community College
adrian ldoyle halesowen college
Martin McAreavey
Mark Ieronimo Hull College
paul hogan skelemersdale college
wayne reid newcastle college - west end college
Emma Silvius Citylit
Claire Newrick Newcastle College
Sarah Robertson Lincoln College. Lincoln
A E Bell Reading Uni
Annie Jordan Newcastle College
Angela Parkes Highbury College, Portsmouth
Heinz Wehner The Manchester College, HMP Birmingham
Catherine Ranson Newastle College
Alf Fulcher Retired
Kieran Reeves Blackpool & The Fylde College/ Bispham
Kayleigh Burrell Newcastle College
Claire Demaine Calderdale adult education
G Scoltock Chenel
Jayne Kirton Lincoln College
Les Cage East Riding College
Paul Jones Blackpool & Fylde College
Paul Reardon HMP Rye Hill Rugby
adam taylor city college norwich
alan fraser tower hamlets college
Jenny Atkinson Newcastle College
Alan Pibworth Cranfield University
Anne Booth East Berkshire College
Nancy Goodden Truro College
Karleen Cross Blackpool and The Fylde Collge
Nadira burki Southall & West London College
Andrew Wilson Leeds College of Building
Lorraine Swann Southampton City College
Izabella Kopec Derby college
Julie Bukowczan Petroc
Lesley Matravers Bournville
Mr Sarkis Mouawad NWKCollege - Dartford Campus
Anne S Leiper university of Stirling (Highland campus)
Maggie Carman Hackney Community College
Ben Gardner Sood University College London
Graham Charlton South Tyneside College
Jill Hodge New College
Helen O' Halleron Newcastle
A OLLIER Lincoln College
Alan Robinson Open University
Abderrahmane Haddou City and Islingon
Michael Farrington Brockenhurst College
Aaron Bell ueen Alexandra College, Birmingham
Adriana Cerne University of the Arts London
Inga Clarke City Lit
Barry Southern Wigan & Leigh College
Jane Sutton Hammersmith
Andrew McCulloch Tameside College
Richard Tout Chichester College
Brian Harding
terence cash south essex college. southend-on-sea.essex
Ana B. Rivas The city lit institute
Vivienne Gordon Amerhsam & wycombe College
Barbara Hawksett Wirral Met College
Amaia Ibarguen citylit. 1-10 Keeley Street, London
Tim Lynch Aylesbury college
Sherine George College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Phil Webster Blackburn College
Alison Gouldson Petroc Barnstaple
John Terry Aylesbury College
Steve Attrill Newcastle College
Alexandra Lowe East Riding College
Michael Guy North West Kent College
Jacqueline Oliver South Downs College
David Thorley Blackpool and the Fylde College
Ian Bell West Herts College
Bernadette Hughes Gravesend AE Centre
Sally Taylor Blackburn College
Gillian Dickinson University Centre at Blackburn College
Nichola Brick Gloucestershire Collage
Anna Ashworth Blackburn College
Michael Cooke National Star College
Kirstie Brown New College Nottingham
Brian Mott Chichester College
Susan Lamb South Essex College
James Clack South Downs College
Bernadette Taylor Liverpool Community College
paul bolger blackburn college
Steven Collinson Bromley College of F&HE
Mike Barlow Central Sussex College
Peter Brennan City Lit
karen stevenson city of wolverhampton college
Hanma Zhang University of Leeds
Rosemary Campbell Leicester Adult Skills & Learning Service
Anna Robinson
Bernard Stark University of Bristol
Susan Hanson Gloucestershire College of FE
Sue Johnstone Newcastle College
natasha mcmillan city of wolverhampton college
David Bairstow Croydon College
guy meredith city lit, london
Adam Broadbent City College Brighton & Hove
Yohan Keerthiratna Bromley college of Further and Higher Education
Barbara Frost WAES London
Alan Beeby London South Bank University
Anthony Jones Preston College
Andy Leaves Waltham Forest College
Anne Hill WEA London
Beth Elkins Cambridge Regional College
Carol Bennett Blackpool and the Fylde College, Lancashire
Rhona Sapsford Bromley College
Sean Buckley H&F ALSS
Shaun Turner Macbeth Centre, Hammersmith, London.
Nicky Calvert Croydon Adult Learning and Training,(CALAT)
Teresa sharp Bromley
Giles Delamare Bromley College
Michelle Sullivan THC
Altan Salih City and Islington College
Penelope Blackburn Tyne Metropolitan College
nyree myatt bromley college
Penny Charles CoHENEL
Lynn Train-Brown Lincoln College, Lincs.
Helen Halliwell Blackpool and the Fylde College
Calvin Macro Otley College Suffolk
Lorna Dunstan Cornwall college
Nicholas Harry Hereford College of Technology
sat kulendran Bromley College
Brian Ashmore Open University (London Region)
Dolores Driscoll Abingdon & Witney College
Lynda Cormack Bromley College
James Killick Aylesbury College
Joanne Gustave Bromley College of F & HE
Joanne Wheeler
Piotr Zychowicz Derby Adult Learning Service
Anna Walker Pershore College
David Ruegg QEF
Colette Kerwin
Mrs Lynsey Anne Meakin West Nottinghamshire College
Zoe Fairbairns City Lit
Jeffrey Crooks Bromley College of Further and higher education
Peter Traynor Bletchley
Manjula Padmanathan Bromley College
L R Lang UWE
Maria Hayton Newcastle College
Daniela Peluso University of Kent
Bonnie Mackintosh CALAT (Croydon)
Jane Horne Tooting
Em Gibson Blackpool and the Fylde College
Charlotte Haley Newcastle College
Miguel Alexiades University of Kent
Niall Buckley Bromley College
Alan Colgan Intect Business Colleges
Sebastien Ardouin City Literary Institute
Barbara Elliott City and Islington College
Natalie Hicks Kent Adult Education
beverley lockett south worcestershire college
Mark Devonshire Cornwall Colllege, camborne, cornwall
Kerry Davis City & Islington College
Eric Harrison Northumberland College
Mrs Clare Dawkins Lincoln College
Keith Myerscough Blackpool and the FYlde College
A.J.pegg The Henley College
Ginette Cox Bracknell & Wokingham College
Caroline Welsom Telford
Adetokunbo Adetunji West Thames College
Gabriela Koczian K College
Michael JM Dodd Stoke on Trent College
Taraneh Dadashian-Langroodi College of Haringey, Enfield and North east london
Talwyn Dunbar Stamford
Alec Swift Oxford Brookes University
Barbara Jones-Ferguson Adult College for Rural East Sussex
Ben Graves Newcastle College
Amy Andrews City of Wolverhampton college
Robert Burr Bromley college of further and higher Education
Dawn Barrass The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
pkendall uxbridge college
Angela Hill Walford & North Shropshire College
robert hubbard anglia ruskin university
Debra Swift Blackpool and the Fylde College
Kathryn (Kitty) Clark Blackpool and The Fylde College
Peter Rumley Blackpool & the Fylde College
Linda Still Lincoln College
Paul Langston Aylesbury College
rowena Sproul-bolton aylesbury college
David Smeaton Newcastle College/Newcastle
Ian MacCormac Blackpool & The Fylde College
brendan coffey westminster kingsway college, london
claire haddon brent adult & community education service
Michael Harrison Bromley College of Further and Higher Education
Denise Tinant Oaklands College
Mike Parsons Merthyr Tydfil College
Beverley Thompson Bournville College
Beverley Ellis Eldon Centre Barnsley
Peter Ayres Bromley College of F & HE
Andrew Moran SCCH
Andrew Smith New College Stamford
Bruce Stafford Bradford College, Trinity Green Campus
Diane McIlroy wigan & Leigh college
Paul McCormack Blackpool & the Fylde College
Wendy Brandmark The City Lit
Caroline Anderson Askham Bryan College
Athena Preest Gloucestershire college
Iain Petrie College of Harringay, and North East London
Katell Pinchon Citylit
Jean Crocker Durham University
Joan Aileen Smith Newcastle College
Alexandra Losi College of North West London
Lynda Milburn Hull College
Carl Dalwood Unemployed
Brian Dobbs Westminster-Kingsway
Richard Archer Newcastle College
Louise Bown Weymouth College
Kim Miller Greenwich
Lee Cooper Bromley College
Rosalba Petrie Cohenel
Danielle Fugler Greenwich Community College
T.Edwards Greenwich Community College
Alison Aylen Bromley College of F & HE
Sonia Kobal College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Jayne Giroud College of haringay Enfield and north East London
A Gocool Hertford
Amina Begum Tower Hamlets College
Beverley Messerli West Herts College
Alison Bloomfield College Lecturer
Struan Town Brighouse Adult Education Centre
Judith Eland Kendal College
Rosaline Fishel Bromley, Kent
Rebecca Smith National Star College
Chris Rodwell Blackpool & the Fylde College
Mark Gale Bromley College
andrew mahon gateshead college
Jan Frenchum Bromley College
Dorota Moracka South Thames College Tooting
Jane Booth Bromley College of F&HE
Glenn Gallery Weymouth College
Glenn Aylott Bromley College
Alan Blackman Greenwich Community College
Ian Goodair Bradford College
Karen Ingignoli Bromley College
Stewart Burrows Kendal College
Nicholas Murray City Literary Institute
Dr Carrie Etter Bath Spa University
Chris Hamer Mid Cheshire College
Caroline Craft  
dave clay hillsborough college
Sue Mitchell Greenwich Community College
Brian Danvers Cookson United Kingdom
Sarah Piper Gloucestershire College
Rosaline Fishel Bromley, Kent
Lisa Hoseason Newcastle College
Bob Banks Stockport College
Alla Young 222
Lesley Cater City of Bristol College
Dorothy Cromwell Self employed
ash odedra gcc
Keith Lawson Weymouth College
Alison Gander Nelson & Colne College
Howard Bayley Hillsborough College, Sheffield
Carl Shaw Tameside College
Jenna Delich Sheffield College
Brian Rogers Merrist Wood College
graham martin the sheffield college
Shaun Costello Kingston Adult Education
Bernadette Driscoll College of North West London
Neil Jones North East Worcestershire College
Lol harris Greenwich Community College
Christine Gray University of Cambridge
Rose Reeves Bromley College Access for learning
Beatrice Hawker Duchy College
David Anderson Newcastle College
Caryle Morley college bishopsgate institue
Christine Macleod Blackburn College
Kyra Wallace Newcastle College
Asma Ahmad Greenwich Community College
ismail makda blackburn College
Lance Nortcliffe Sheffield College
Louise Tate Adult Education Coventry City Council
Jo Kent Aylesbury College
lisa clifford greenwich community college
stuart murdoch bromley college
Mohan Namasivayam Newcastle College
Doug.Lancaster Alban Park
Georgina dickinson hereford college of technology
Ingrid Mustoe Southgate College
Alison Phillips Newcastle College
Carolyn Jones Bromley College
caroline oreilly scola-adult education
Margaret Nye Bromley college
catherine cook wirral metropolitan college
Christine Flear Hull College
Darren Rowley East Riding College
Barbara Beale Peterborough Regional College
Christina McCaul Liverpool Community College
Alberta Basso City and Islington College, Finsbury Park
Valerie Tabatabai Coventry Adult Education
Chrys Mordin London
Tania Worthington Bromley College
Terri Pashen Weymouth College
Claire Toms South Essex College
Carol King west suffolk college east anglia
Laura King otley college
bernard mccoy hull college
christine hedges greenwich community college
Clare Whiteside Bolton College
Raymond Loft The Community College Hackney
clodagh o driscoll nescot college
Mary Snashall Greenwich Community College
Khuram Mirza Aylesbury College
Donna Walton Newcastle College
Claudia Starbuck University of Greenwich
Christine Ranken Lewisham College
Shirley Foale Bromley College
Caroline Openshaw Lancaster and Morecambe College
Clemence O'Connor university of Aberdeen
John Rickman Nescot College
Rhys Chisnall Otley College
Brett Gregory Trafford College
Nicky Williams Nescot College, Surrey
Marc Sevette Petroc Tiverton
Clive Coley City of Wolverhampton College
Padma Kalraiya College of Haringey Enfield and North East London
Iain Cadey Lincoln College
Amanda Wright Hereford College of Art
Juby Khaki South thames college
Judith Moss Blackburn College
Lynne Bright North West kent College
Marion Pitt HMP Stocken
Amy Davies newcastle under lyme college
Gemma Bailey Bromley College
claire Leech Oxford and cherwell Valley College
Katrina Greenfield Barnsley Adult & Family Learning
Claire Madeley Telford College
Carole Lockwood Kendal College
Bridget Williams Wiltshire college
louise cassie reading
William Campbell Bromley College
Corinne Clarke K College, Tonbridge
Casey Tolaini UCL
Dave Boothroyd University of Kent
Coral Chambers CW College
Charl ArtsEducational Schools London
Georgia McCrone Blackpool and the Fylde College
Christopher Jones Univeristy of Southampton
nina jackson Bromley College
Damian McGeary College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Sue Murray kendal College
Paul Holland New College, Swindon
julie brown northbrook college
Christine Lloyd Neath Port Talbot College
Adam Nightingale The Open University
Adam Welch Burnley College
Trudy Robb northbrook college
Chris Ball Blackpool and The Fylde College
Dennis Metcalf Sheffield College-Hillsborough
Dan Clayton UCL
David Frier University of Leeds
dave mcilhone birmingham
Denice kelly Blackpool and The Fylde College
Sue Long Derby College
Susan Long Barnet College
Jane Kessler Barnet College
Charles Oulton Ealing Hammersmith and West London College
Guy Bainbridge Tyne Metropolitan College
Cheryl Noble Newcastle Collge
Christine Dickinson Bury College
Ailsa Harrison Tresham College
Stuart Perry Kingston Adult Education, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
alison cops Bromley College
Barbara Lee Kingston Adult Education
Sue henderson Warwickshire College
Clare Gale Bromley College
Clive Jeffrey Petroc Tiverton, Devon EX16 6SH
Andre Brown North Lincs adult education
Charles Bell Tonbridge AEC
DEnise Johnson HMP Stocken Education Department
Doreen Malcolm Bradford College
Sharon Brady Derby College
Shelagh Cheeseman Gravesend
Anne Brook Leeds City College
Joan Cunningham Westminster Kingsway College
Juliana Wong South Thames College
Bruce Howell University of Reading
leon szymanski Bury adult learning centre
Meena Ossoulian Enfield
Davina Smith Brooksby Melton College
Clara Earl Skelmersdale & Ormskirk College
Stephen Foster Harrow College
maggie Friswell NWHC /Nuneaton campus
Dorothy Calderwood The Open University
Patrick Mountain Derby College
David Paine Kirklees College
Paula nally Northbrook College Worthing
Helen Wilson Blackburn College
Helen Bertels SCOLA
Clive Robertson Newcastle college
Andrew Spargo Reading
llewellyn thomas maidstone
Mrs CLaire Kidd City College Plymouth
Graham Scott Kensington and Chelsea College
Titus Seat Preston College
Catherine Ashdown Canterbury Christchurch University
janet Hermann The City Lit
Rubina Kausar Uxbridge College
Mrs Diane Wynne Worcester College of Technology / Worcester
Ruth McLeish Exeter College
Sue Parkin Kendal College
Clare Cope Grantham College
Karl Delaine Colchester Institute
Stephen Dix Neath Port Talbot College
Anne Simon University of Bristol
Dr. Denis Feather University of Huddersfield
Christine Eyers Orpington College
Jane Elliott Hereford College of Arts
David Rosser Petroc Barnstaple
Diane Banting Fareham College
Evren Ali Bromley College
andrew ritchie newcastle college
Julia Mizen Bromley College of FE and HE
vee banks adult educ coventry
Paul Atkins Abingdon and Witney College
Eric Jackson Dudley College of Technology
Alan McCulloch WMC Camden
Xianmin Chang University of the Highlands and Islands
Dr Andrew Evans School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University
Helen Wellington South Downs College Waterlooville
Ruth Uprichard Kensington and Chelsea College
Sean Sturley Newcastle College
Geoff Carter Barking College
Sue Squires Petroc
Leah Goldson Bromley College of FE & HE
Tracey Murray East Riding College
Andrew Cross Blackpool And The Fylde College Bispham Campus
David Ayris Leeds City College
karen byrne calderdale
Philip Trenerry Plymouth College of Art
Helen Nicholas Greenwich Community College
Alvaro A A Fernandes School of Computer Science, University of Manchester
david mcaree university of ulster
Claire Shelton-Jones City College brighton and Hove
Sir David Cox Nuffield College, Oxford
Deborah Eisner Redbridge College
Lizzie Byham Cornwall College
Bridget Walsh Northampton
Stephen Knight The City Lit
Anny Squire Red Kite Learning
david smith Croydon College
Lin Sheppard Gloucestershire College
Andrew Graves Barking & Dagenham College
David Wilson Loughborough University
Joan Ruddock leeds city college thomas danby campus
Michelle Ablin Barking and Dagenham College
denise woodman cornwall college
Helen Pemberton Blackpool and Fylde College
C. Curtis Middlesbrough College
Dr Adi Kuntsman University of Mamcnester
elizabeth welch Stockport College
Toan Pham College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Donna Blackman City College Birmingham
Danny Lam City of Bristol College, Bristol
Dan Swinton Hammersmith & W. London College
David Woodman Cornwall College
Brendan Mclaughlin Harrogate College
Bernard Gordon Lechangeur Fareham College, Hants.
Marcus Sidoti-Mcnary Oaklands WGC
Carol Margaret Cawthorn kendal College
Robert Gray City of Sunderland College
Marian Hopkins Fareham College
Leanne Taylor Hillsborough College
Andrew Wilkins New College/Swindon
anthony pool uxbridge college
claire marshall ehwlc

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