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Petition opposing the IfL fee increase: 501-1,000

We the undersigned note that the Institute for Learning (IfL) has decided to more than double the costs of membership to £68. We further note that membership is compulsory and that this fee is being charged at a time when the cost of living is rising and pay levels are being eroded. We call on the IfL to reverse this decision with immediate effect.

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Full nameLocation
Sam Steel Milton Keynes College
anna-marie freund milton keynes college
Anne Atkinson Hertford Regional College
Eric Mercer St Helens College
Tansy Pye The College at Braintree
Bernard Horrocks Central Bedfordshire College
stephen samuroff stanmore
Paul Muscat Highbury College, Portsmouth
Lisa Rawlinson Hugh Baird College
Martin Hunt Yeovil College
Denise Mann New College Stamford
Terence Whiskin Hertford Regional College
Lisa Gallacher College of west anglia
Laurence Freel Hertford Regional College
Deborah Feenan Wirral Metropolitan college
frank connell hugh baird college
Paul Ineson Lancaster & Morecambe College
Maggie Fawcett Central Bedfordshire College
Maria Demou Mid Kent College
David Farndon Milton Keynes College
Andrew Meyer Loughborough college
Anthony Barnett College of West Anglia
Ayesha Amin Hopwood Hall College
sally hutson Milton Keynes College
Nick Leonard Milton Keynes College
carolyn brian loughborough college
Ian Hayton Amersham & Wycombe College
Mary Podesta Milton Keynes College
Bruce Rafeek Manchester Adult Education Service
Victoria Heal Leicester College
Janette Ollier Bolton
Judy Mudge Milton Keynes
Philip Rowlands Liverpool Community College
Camilla Milton Keynes College
Mary Bobin South Essex College
June Whittle Nescot college
Robin Parrish Southwark College
C Harris Leicester College
Tim Fletcher Hugh Baird FE College
Ann Monks Hugh Baird Further Education College, Bootle
Joanne Norris MK College - Milton Keynes
Alison Davies NNC
Joseph O'Farrell Runshaw College Leyland, PR25 3DQ
Samantha Clarke Milton Keynes College
Philippa Handy Milton Keynes college
Anne Frame Chelmsford College
Tracy Walsh Ruskin College
Godfrey Jennings New College Stamford
Anita Gardner Walsall College
Sharon Goode WCT
Dave Martin Cornwall College
Marianna Beckwith Milton Keynes College
Paula Conner Central Sussex College
Keith Hurley Milton Keynes College
Nicky Piper Exeter College
Alina Glover Hertford Regional College
Jenny Brandham College of West Anglia
Anne Menneer Cornwall College Camborne
Heidi Barber Northampton College
Mrs Sophia Gatrell The College of West Anglia
Colin Jones City and Islington College
Kay Pinnock Nescot
Angela Otu City & Islington College
Laura Collings Harrow College
sue bland Milton Keynes College
S Grimes Preston College
Marcin Huza City and Islington College (Finsbury Park)
Janet WIlding New College Stamford
Richard A Handy Central Sussex College
Simon Muttitt Stourbridge college
Clive Wayland Milton Keynes College
Sue Fisher Stanmore College
Claire Knight
Angie Budd Chelmsford College
annette connolly college of west anglia
Mell Handley Havering College FHE
Jacqueline Smith Havering College
Pat Cooke Sandwell College , West Midlands
sarah coyne Barnet College
Patricia Wood Worcester College of Technology
Craig Coy Chelmsford College
david mooney barnet college
michael shea havering college of further and higher education
Chris Gosling Telford College
neelam Khanna Leicester College
Gillian Avard Midkent College
Jane Milton Keynes College
Moyra Throssell South Cheshire College / Crewe
John Gordon Yeovil College
Lee Noble Lewes Sixth Form, Sussex Downs College
Jenny Tarleton Loughborough College
beck ellis midkent college
Debbie Golding Barnet College
Christine Grove Havering College of F & HE
julie hodgskin north west kent college
Janis Mann Harrow College
Denise Clare South Leicestershire College of FE
Michael C. Noel Havering College of FHE
Stan Bishop Yeovil College
matthew anderson castle college
Sue Sharp Walford and North Shropshire College
CC UCU Branch Committee Cornwall College
Andy Strouthous London
Nicki Yucel Suffolk New College
Anna Hindocha NESCOT
Paul Smith Burton College
Jane Lynds Milton Keynes College
Shelley Patrick New College Stamford
Peter Gwilliam Sussexdowns College, Lewes, east Sussex
Ian Taylor City & Islington College
Rolande Burrows Northwest Kent College
steve goddard north notts college
Mel Wood Milton Keynes College
Bob Godzicz Truro College
Traci Huggins Abingdon & Witney College
Jo Peel Amersham and Wycombe College
ian vanes- jones burton college`
Lucy Langridge Midkent College, Gillingham, Kent
Rosemarie Wyatt Abingdon and Witney College
David Sheridan Queen Alexandra College, Birmingham
Alicja T Barking Dagenham College
Ranwinder Birring North West Kent College
Richard Manning West Suffolk College
Carole Bateman LincolnCollege
Richard Le Corney Castle College Nottingham
M Broscatan Amersham & Wycombe College
Adrian Jones Preston College, Fulwood, Preston
Claire Whittaker Lincoln College
Thea Thornton Castle College of FE
Philip Magee City and Islington College
Denis Grant Leicester College
Gary McNulty North West Kent College
Barry Cracknell Castle College Nottingham
carolyn woodmason westminster kingsway college
Lyndon Bell Lincoln College
Angela Coward Yeovil College
michael stamp Castlecollege Nottingham
Richard Davis NWK College
andrene mills city and islingotn college
Linda Callow Queen Alexandra College
maria Stribling Ealing Hammersmith and west london college
Nigel Biggs City of Bristol College
Fiona Lyon southessex college
Claire Cross North West Kent College
Joy Lambshead City of Bristol College
David Holmes City and Islington COllege
Elizabeth Scott Barnet College
Ramesh Gohil leicester college
Yvert de Souza EHWLC
g m evans central sussex college
Katherine Limmer Yeovil College
Alan Carfrae Mid Kent College. Maidstone
Paolo Cacco City and Islington College
Emma Stretton North West Kent College
Ray Thomson City and Islington College
Mariana Vong Harrow College
john Stokes Stourbridge College
Jonathan Gurney EHWLC
Ray Thomson City and Islington College
Sharon Moss Canterbury College
Dave Rhodes walsall college/ west midlands
Susan Wakefield Walsall College
Yetunde Otuwehinmi City and Islington College
Jillian Curr EHWLC
Stuart Stobie Canterbury College
Louise Barnet College
Jonathan Saward Suffolk New College
Lesley Hunt Sandwell College
Rachael Johnstone North Notts College, Worksop
john mason southall campus west london college
lynda humber new college stamford
Darren O'Grady South Thames College
David Pearson Stourbridge college
David Goodrick Stourbridge College
Adrian Gray Canterbury College
Sana Alsaygh Southessex College
adele nuttall preston college
Anne Howse North West Kent College
Tim Lozinski Stratfford upon Avon College
kathleen harris-leighton City and islington college
Gary Coram Southessex College
rachel young walford and north shropshire college
Alan Baker The Manchester College
Ian Greenwood Milton Keynes College
Dean Cooper Castle College Nottingham
Yvonne LIndsay Barnet College
Kelly Davis Henley College Coventry
Michael Wilkinson Milton Keynes College
Anna Dowdall Telford
Mark Canty Hugh Baird College
Beatrice Etunyi EHWLC - Acton Campus
Dawn Pierce Wirral Metropolitan College
Simon Nash Canterbury College
Gurinder Grewal Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College
christian clark canterbury college
gillian haslam castle college nottingham
Peter Barham Havering College of F & HE
Brett O'Reilly Stourbridge College
Dr D.G. Cobbold St. Helens College, St. Helens, Merseyside.
Craig Throssell Milton Keynes College
Nigel Tookey Runshaw College
Sarahjane Prince Sussex Downs College
Dr Julie Haviland Exeter College
T. McAuley North West Kent College
clare elliot adm bletchley
Karen Sudene City and Islington College
Sophia Tait Ealing Hammersmith and West London College
Sallie Goldsmith Stanmore College
John Carrod College of West Anglia
Steve Hayward Harrow College
Kamaljit Kaur Milton Keynes
Sangita Ranchhod EHWLC
celia reece harrow college
Yvonne Cogzell Stourbridge College
ian wilkie castle college nottingham
Vaughan Andrews Midkent College Medway
john stewart Suffolk New College
Paul bobb City and Islington College/North london
joe mcgillivray wirral metropolitan college
Karin Reitner Sandwell College, W Midlands
Tim Rose Abingdon & Witney College/ Abingdon
Jo Williams Milton Keynes College
Marie Mulley city and Islington College of FE
elisa cohen pardo amersham & wycombe college
Linda Tyrrell Northampton College
Ranjit Singh Jagdev Walsall College
Trevor Challenger Sussex Downs College Lewes
Kelly Bailey Canterbury College
Jo Hiller Lowestoft College
Julia Jordan Stanmore College
colin warner stratford upon avon college
Andy Guy West Suffolk College
barrie coney stratford upon avon college
Nick Lindsay Amersham & Wycombe College
Lynn Jordan Bolton College
Richard Silcox Stratford-Upon-Avon College
Steve Mason City College Plymouth
adam vass lowestoft college - lowestoft
P J Barnet College
Helen Disley Preston College
Catherine Camfield Central Sussex College
helen canterbury college
Alexa Walker MMW
Joy Harvey Westminster Kingsway College
Susan Ferdinando Castle College
angela clements nottingham
Melissa Cowell Castle College, Nottingham
Monica Hack Southport College
lois darlington city and islington college
Sarah Poultney Castle College, People's Campus
Carol Winton Milton Keynes College
tim smith redbridge college
Julia Beer Yeovil College
debbie carne north west kent college
Wendy Marx New College Stamford
Sonia Taylor Redbridge College
Darren Joyce Milton Keynes College
Terry White Castle College Nottingham
Sally Firth Milton Keynes College
Derrick Wardally North Notts College
Mrs K Waddington Bolton College
Tracey Day Runshaw college
Jeff Aldred Telford College of Arts & Tech
Susan Baines Milton Keynes College
Malgorzata Assaad Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College
Elaine Spraggett Henley College Coventry
john doolan milton keynes college, milton keynes
david burrows lowestoft college
Sylvia Rose Hugh Baird College
Matt Rossin South Devon College
Patrick Kelly Milton Keynes College
Naomi Brumpton New College Stamford
robert greef College of West Anglia, Milton Campus
J O'Brien Redbridge College
Graham Crozier Central Sussex College
Marybeth Stafford-Jones Barnet College
Joyce Court Southport College
Anne Lindholm Brooklands College, Weybridge
Peter Palfrey Henley College Coventry
William Butler Mid Kent College
Gordon Leighton North Notts College - Worksop
David Sleeman Cornwall College Camborne
Quentin Williams Harrow College
Jim Westwood Lambeth College
mark andrew johnson north notts college
Demetrios Hadjidemetriou City and Islington College
Tina Varcoe Cornwall College
Imran Hameed Milton Keynes College
Frances McErlane central Beds College
David Kemp Runshaw College
David Nowak Cornwall College Camborne
Miranda Macdonald City of bristol College
Melenie Marsh Canterbury College
Janet Jones Leicester College
Lynne Spalding Canterbury College
Joanne Jeffrey Petroc, Barnstaple
Stuart Mayers St Helens College
ady clucas burton college
Brian Pierce Cornwall College
Tracey Johnson Hugh Baird FE College Liverpool
David Keith Jones Milton Keynes College
paul jerome central beds college
Victoria Lovelock City & Islington College
Bree Stevenson Leicester College
Helen Bridge Hugh Baird College
michael rowbottom burton college
Amanda Drabble Wiltshire College
Myles McDonald Petroc
Paul hepburn Exeter college
Ib Vindbjerg Harrow College, Harrow Weald
Mick Green Leicester College
judith heywood wolverhampton Adult Education Service
Terry Gilmer Milton Keynes College, Bletchley
Louise Mager Havering College of Further and Higher Ed
Steve Wright Walford and North Shropshire College
Stephen Peacock Redbridge College
Nathan Marsh Hugh Baird College, Liverpool
angela hackett harrow college
Ged Peck Central Bedfordshire College
Susan Burke Telford College of Arts and Technology
Tim Barker Petroc, North Devon
Susan Sample Chelmsford College
Robert Bowker Telford College
Barbara Griffiths Yeovil College
Barbara Oakley Northampton College
sam davies worcester college of technology
Amanda Cochrane Mid Kent College Gillingham
Ruanne Symons New college stamford
Paul Miles Chelmsford College
David Jackson City and Islington College
Neil Northampton College
Steve Small Centre for Lifelong Learning
Martin Smith Carshalton College
Owen Mather Harrow College
Chris Brain Westminster Kingsway College
Birgit Pettifor Sussex Downs College
Pierre Epoh Moudio City and Islington College
Paul Green Royal National College for the Blind
L McShea Harrow Weald College
Geoff Warr MK College
gary price telford
alasdair innes city college birmingham
Hilary Woods City and Islington College
Marian Frost new college stamford
Ulrike Schmidt City & Islington College
Andy Sieroslawski Hopwood College
Allen MacDonald MidKent College
Valerie Fillingham Runshaw College, Leyland
Suz i Leaver Milton Keynes College
suzie Atkinson Church rd Clacton on sea
Philip Smith North Notts College
Ozlem Olcay Barnet College
Martin Fordham Colchester Institute
J.C. Bolger Loughborough College
Paul Benson Castle College Nottingham
Simon Babikian Milton Keynes College
karmen mur stanmore college
sandra calderbank harrow college
sheila may north west kent college
David Holman Midkent College Maidstone
Angelina Hewitt Colchester Institute
Brenda Hamlet Amersham & Wycombe
Jake.Williams Cornwall College
allan barnes carshalton college
Linda Kirby College of West Anglia
phil Colins Amersham & Wycombe College
Nigel.Parsons Cornwall College
Nathan Hollingsworth Canterbury College
Chris Barker Colchester Institute
Jack Dale Cornwall College
Mike Perks Amersham & Wycombe College
keith hardy City and Islington College
Bernard Tannett City and Islington college
paul setchell the college of westanglia, kings lynn, norfolk
Christina Fairchild Midkent College, Maidstone
Sophie Marquis Yeovil College
Debbie Pullen Colchester Institute
kate davies city and islington college, london
Karen Blott Hertford Regional College
Julie Watt North Notts College
alastair mcniven city & islington college
Simon Beamont Cornwall College
Michelle Priest Stanmore College
Denise Hitchen Bolton College
Petrina Valentine Colchester Institute
Gill Tonkin Cornwall College
Mel Tooze Wolverhampton Adult Education Service
Melissa Tate Hopwood Hall College
Rohit Sagoo City & Islington College
David Midkent College/ Maidstone
Rosemary van Miert Lambeth College
Kevin Horne Lowestoft College
Annie Kettle Colchester Institute
Reena Bouri Harrow College
Teresa Roper Stourbridge College
Ruban Kumar Carshalton College
sara barker colchester institute
helen riley johnston southport college
Jas Dhaliwal City and Islington College
chris robson castle college nottingham
Paula Summerell Colchester Institute
Carol Smith New College Stamford
mark bedford Amersham and Wycombe College
Jeff Elliott Milton keynes College
Daphne Carnegy City and Islington College
Pam Booth Colchester Institute
MUSTAFA Turus City islington college/London
David Stubbins Colchester Institute
Dr. Nigel Chambers Bournville College of FE
Peter Hempstead Colchester Institute
Denise Cross Runshaw Colleg
russell ball south leicestershire college
sean watson colchester institute
Dr R. J. Frost Stanmore College
Paul Thurston Colchester Institute
Mike Davenport South Leicestershire College
Joan Bailey Bolton College
Christopher Fitzpatrick Colchester Institute
Sam Colbear-Pyke Canterbury College
Laurence Wright Truro College
Rick.Boreham Colchester Institute
nicholas bowyer colchester institute
Nigel perkins Harrow College
Sam Elestial Colchester Institute/Braintree & Clacton
joanne Barnes canterbury college
Gill Brownell Amersham
angie birtill south thames college
Rose Cummins Knowsley Community College
Miriam Nankindu-Muwonge College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Peter Lockyer Bournville College
Tina Shakespeare South Devon College
Samson Iriajen Redbridge College FE
Susan Roberts Bournville College Birmingham
Bob Hammett Yeovil College, Yeovil, Somerset
Chris George Havering College of F&HE
Debbie Tottenham, Haringey, Enfield and North East London
jennifer Strachan Walford and North Shropshire Coleege
Remi Ajayi Tottenham
russell martin colchester institute
David Cooper Knowsley Community College
Ben Cope Redbridge College
Teresa Wilson Milton Keynes College
Steven Wordingham Colchester institute
Richard Sanders Havering College
Karen Brasher Milton Keynes College
J Harvey Southport College
ann Walters North West Kent college, Gravesend
Pier-Denise Pryce City College Birmingham: Ladywood Skills Campus
Susan Curtis Hertford Regional College
Jason Smith Telford College of Arts & Technology
John Gough Walford & North Shropshire College, Baschurch
nicola taylor conel
Tim Day Amersham & Wycombe College
Martin Collen Hertford Regional College
Rachael Wells Milton Keynes
Vicky Vatcher MA City of Bristol College
Louise Williams Queen Alexandra College
Carol Laurence Milton Keynes College
janie richards Wirral Metropolitan College
G Morris Runshaw College
salma gabol southall
simon brewster Amersham& Wycombe College
Rachel Valentine Walford and North Shropshire College
Clare Precey City College Norwich
andrew warnes city college norwich
Brian Robson South Devon College
Dean Colvin CONEL
Anne O'Carroll London
Libertad Rodriguez Sussex Downs College
John Ridge Stanmore College
Anthony Clive Pepperdine Carshalton College
Andrew Fairhurst City and Islington College
Neil Hemstead MidKent College
Mark Brooks Havering College of Further and Higher Education
Jake Douglas College of Haringey, Enfield & North East London
Daphne Carnegy City and Islington College
Lesley Moore
Grahame MacDonald City College Norwich
Lawrence Britt City College Norwich
Diane Stanton Sussex Downs College - Lewes Campus
Paula Horsfall City College Norwich
Eamonn Leddy City & Islington FE College
Matthew Stanley College
Laura Young North West Kent College, Dartford, Kent
Havva Ibrahim Havering College
Libby Aitchison City College Norwich
Cara Wheatley Bournville College
Chris Hall Northampton College
Sarah Lines Castle College
Colin Aitkenhead Milton Keynes Council and College
Kathryn brierley loughborough college

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