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Petition opposing the IfL fee increase: 12,001-12,500

We the undersigned note that the Institute for Learning (IfL) has decided to more than double the costs of membership to £68. We further note that membership is compulsory and that this fee is being charged at a time when the cost of living is rising and pay levels are being eroded. We call on the IfL to reverse this decision with immediate effect.

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Full nameLocation
Darren Brine John Ruskin College
David verrechia Trafford College
Ms Patricia McLoughlin ROWA! CountyHall, Matlock, Derbyshire
Katy Magor Halesowen College
Zoe Bastin Bridgwater College
Jane Yeboah College of West Anglia
Hazel Storr Sunderland College
Mark Andrew Colchester Institute
Richard Myerscough SCarborough/Pickering
Liz Carson Liverpool Community College
Anne Martindale SCOLA Sutton
Rob Stanford Liverpool Community College
Ed Harrison John Ruskin College
Terry Hoad UCU President-Elect; University of Oxford
Mary Corbally Carlisle College
Patrick Jerrett Exeter College
Chris Hicks Chelmsford College
Cheryl townsend Solihull college
Mick Fellows Colchester Institute
colin stredder Liverpool Community College
Karen Clough Northumberland College
Jo Dedross Chelmsford College
John Payne Bromley College of FE and HE
stephen mcgreevy liverpool community college
Helen Dickson Bolton College
Sophie Case Halesowen College
Steven Howe New College Swindon
Rosemarie Nightingale Loughborough College
Tim Woolcock Cornwall College Camborne
Marlene Hughes Liverpool Community College
Patricia L Scott Lancashire College
Ann Richmond South Leicestershire College
Linda Benson Liverpool community College
Peter Wraith South Thames College
mike lammiman university of hull
paul jackson burton college
Vivien Walford Colchester Institute
Hester Poole Arts University College at Bournemouth
Petra Howieson Colchester Institute
Dan Glazebrook City of Bath College
Alison Milroy Liverpool Community College
Guy Phoenix Havering College of Further & Higher Education
Shula Chiat City University
Stephanie Hamilton Havering College
Patricia Goldsmith Liverpool Community College
Julia Holden Chelmsford College
Francis Downes Liverpool Community College
Rachel Frith WEA
stephanie stokes Guildford College
Gillian Rainbow Chelmsford College
Judith Munro Brockenhurst College
Carole Murphy St. Mary's University College
Ian Johnson Otley College, Ipswich
Charlotte Dixon Colchester Institute
Lisa Bevis Southampton city College
Rebecca Wray Leeds Metropolitan University
David Belton North Warwickshire and Hinckley College
Julian Wells Kingston University
martyn shanly guildford college
Alan Bryant Leicester College
Neil Martin ICMP
Jean Frith Hertford Regional College
Jean Barnard Guildford College
Karen Milner West Sussex Adult and Community Learning
Anne Hausamann Brasshouse Centre
Ruth Ferguson Chelmsford College, Essex
Ruth Ferguson Chelmsford College, Essex
Nathalie Harding Cornwall Council, Skills for Business, Cornwall
Sue Chynoweth Cornwall College
mike jaques wakefield college
rachel murie wakefield college
susan evans Liverpool Community College
Catharine Barcham Tonbridge Adult Education Centre
Helen Brant Exeter College
N MARTIN Burton College
Kathryn Heaney Doncaster College
N MARTIN Burton College
Dr Simone Knox University of Reading
t linehan Havering college
Sarah Chafer Duchy College, Rosewarne
Andrew Hope Durham Adult Learning Services
Francesca Bihet Exeter College
Mark Edwards Liverpool Community College
Kate Evershed Warwickshire College
sandra gunby norton radstock college
Wendy Norton South essex ollege
Neil Webster St Helens College
jayne annan wiltshire college
Michael C. Noel Havering College of FHE
A.Mariucci Havering college
Steve Dale Colchester Institute
Jim Morgan St.Helens College
Steve Jameson Liverpool Community College
Chris Hugo Havering Coll of FHE
Andrew Pearson Grimsby Institute
Anthony Poole Liverpool Community College
Matt self employed
Zoe Quinn City Lit
Jez Nicholl Gateshead College
Sue Clarke Wiltshie College
Daniel Langton University of Manchester
Amy Perkins Cornwall College
bill major Liverpool Community College
Jeannette Coker Havering College
ray gallard-oakley liverpool community college
bob mcgill liverpool community college
Lindsey Hill HMP Garth/Wymott
Nadine Pageaud Northampton
catherine Sarson Kingston College, Kingston, Surrey
Maureen White Swarthmore Education Centre, Leeds
Jenny Baynes City Lit
Hilary Scott Cornwall college
Lesley Kim Birkett St helens College
Colin Pryor Grimsby Institute
Helen Opie Cornwall College
brendan kenny harlow colllege
M Wilkinson Grimsby Institute
Tom Auld Liverpool Community College
Victoria Stothard Grimsby Institute
John Raftery Grimsby Institute
Jonathan Griffin Grimsby Institute
David Bass South Leicestershire College
Dave Seager Colchester Institute
Amanda Hustler Cornwall College, Cornwall
Pete Abbott Grimsby Institute, Grimsby
William Symes United Kingdom
Kate Burland Barnsley College/English Department
J Parmar Coventry
Kate Woodley Abingdon and Witney College
Kevin Winter Grimsby Institute
Keith McDonagh South Devon College
Luke Knight Cornwall College
David Brain Stafford College
Stephen Burns Liverpool Community College
N Ferrier Grimsby
wendy wilkinson Cornwall college Camborne Campus
Chris Lunn Stafford College
Maria Dowding Sparsholt College
Peter Nichols Barnsley College
kim fitzpatrick Liverpool
Polly Cook Lambethcollege
Stephanie Walker South Devon College
Mr Bryan Bellamy South Tyneside College
Jurie Intachat Duchy College
Marian Beaven Exeter College
Steve McCann Cornwall College/Centre for Hosuing & Support Worcester
sally shaw John Leggott College
Emma Frith Thomas Rotherham College
Pete Scholes Southport College
michael Breese HMP Brixton
Norman Rundle Duchy College
Ian elliott Cornwall college st. austell
Pete Allison The University of Edinburgh
Sarah Yearsley Stoke on Trent College
Mike Carnall Duchy College
Claire Morgan Furness College
Jackie Juleff-Dunstan Cornwall College Camborne
Muriel Summersgill AL Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Sarah c Phipps LEA Oxfordshire
Emma Cookson UCBC
Craig Ladner Cornwall College
Jeffrey E Ashcroft Cornwall College Camborne
Sue Dorey South Leicestershire College
annie conway swarthmore leeds
Nicholas Roberts Cornwall College St Austell
Vicky Moyle Cornwall College
David Staelens Gloucestershire College
Veronica Retallack Duchy College Stoke Climsland
david pittaway Sheffield
Lee Carter Liverpool Community College
Paul bannon Liverpool Community College
Abigail McKenzie Exeter
Gordon Rawcliffe Cornwall College Camborne
Gwynneth Moffatt East Riding Adult Education
martin Kelly worcester college of technology
Ian Smith Wakefield College
DaVid Dane College of Haringey Enfield and North East London
Riccardo Abela Harlow College
Siou Hannam City College Brighton & Hove
Tammy Whatley South Leicestershire College
Glen Lambert Harlow College
Fiona Stott Cornwall
Julie Kelly Hopwood Hall College
Tim Hutton New College Stamford
Nick Goodhew Harlow College
Ann Oakley City of Bristol College
Sean O'Brien Halesowen College
mike williams cornwall
Matthew Egginton Barnsley College
Sylvie Fredouille Oxford
William Robin Palmer Cirencester College
Stephen Foshaw Warrington Collegiate
Kathy.Dew Cornwall College (St Austell)
jodie knight dorton college of FE
Julia Anderson West Thames College
Maddalena Bryan Peterborough Regional College
Jennifer Dytham Swindon College
DEbra lamont Reading
Elizabeth Jeff Cornwall College Camborne
Tina Cross The College of West Anglia
Jacqui Maddox Telford & Wrekin Council, Shropshire
Ralph Dunow Blackpool and Fylde College
Wendy Hinds Cornwall College, Camborne
celia atkinson south tyneside college
Kathryn Remington Tameside College
anne taft liverpool community college
Sarah Mitchell Barnsley College
Ben Treacher Colchester Institute
Chris Fielding Liverpool Community College
Amanda McDermott Cornwall College
Roger Clarke OnSite Training UK
Viv Browning Reading college
Jane Collier Barnsley College
Harry Mycock Sparsholt College Hampshire
tracey.macrae colchester Institute
Lee Morris Norfolk Adult Education
Maureen Peers Liverpool Community College
Karen Macdonald Liverpool Community College
Jenny Rimmer Liverpool Community College
Sue Wride City of Bristol College - Bristol
Laura Few Lambeth College
Mina Parisella The Arts Centre
Mrs. Susan Taysug Bromley Adult Education College
Anne-Marie Hutchinson Derbyshire County Council ACE
Jill Colbourne Bracknell & Wokingham College
Éamonn Flanagan Queens University Belfast
Marie-France Jones Brasshouse Language Centre
Edward Cook Blackpool & fylde College
Christine Grove Havering College of F & HE
Susan Dawe Southport College
Elsa Spencer SACC/ Southend
Christina Adamou Greece
Helen Ennis Birmingham Adult Education Service
Charlotte Beddoe Bromley, Kent
Ronald Mendel University of Northampton
Joe Beddoe Bromley, Kent
vinata sriram reading-college reading
Margaret Cousins Cambridgeshire County Council
Vinod Datta Leicester College
Jill Shields Cambridge University
Agnès Groleau City Lit
Lyndsey Healey Liverpool community College Arts
mrs Anita Higgs wilson marriage community college. colchester essex
Lynn Cook Liverpool Community college
Richard Kelly North Warwickshire college, Nuneaton CV11 6BH
Paula Byas Woking
Johanna Doyle Plymouth College of Art
Sue Petherick Duchy College, Stoke Climsland
Susan Porter Northampton
Diane leverett westminster Kingsway College
steve gennings chichester west susex
Karen Wiper Durham County Council
Mrs Jean L Thomas Henley College
ivor Osborne Chichester College
Elaina Spicer East Surrey Colege
Steve Sumnal Newcastle under Lyme College
Martin Randall University of Gloucestershire
Roy foster Southampton City College
Dorothy AS Preston SCOLA.Sutton,Surrey
James Drummond BSix College, Hackney
Caroline Freeman Kidderminster College
Chris Penfold Cornwall College Camborne
Lin Davies Barnsley College
jane white liverpool community college
Kerry Dobson University of Hull
karen cornwall college st austell
Yvonne Stradwick Bromley College of Further & Higher Education
Gary Crease Highbury College Portsmouth
Everet Mckie Northampto Adult Learning
Paul Grant City College Brighton and Hove
Andy Mullins-Franklin Highbury college
Wayne Singleton Colchester Institute
Judith Jenkins Sheffield College
James Pooley New Directions Reading
Ms Philippa McDolald College Of West Anglia
elizabeth negus barking and dagenham college
Bronwen Ray Northern College
C Galley Barnsley College
daniel merrill colchester institute
Helen West WEA
Tanya Shaw NWK College
Carolynn Goring Colchester
Robert Murray Liverpool Community College
Matthew Henson North Warwickshire & Hinckley College
Gillian Lyon Liverpool Community College
James Ryan South Essex College
Helen Hand Liverpool Community College
Geoffrey kenward Stton College of learning for Adults SCOLA
Roger Talling Duchy College, Cornwall
Dianne Johnson Liverpool Community College
Juliet Leadbeater University of Chester
Eamonn Griffin Grimsby Institute
Carol Piddock HMYOI Portland
hilary spraggs 59
Helen Sharpe Northantmptonshire County Council
Mat Osmond Cornwall College
Chuca Russo Liverpool Community College
Julie Bourne Newcastle-Under-Lyme College
Karen Herd Solihull College, Solihull West Midlands
Sandra Montout Barking College
Thomas Schlichter UCL
Dorcas Lindsay Liverpool Communiyt College
Bernadette Wyse Bromley Adult Education College and Orpington College
Tony Lindsay Liverpool
lizzie George city college brighton and hove
Geoff Brown Manchester
Richard Smallwood Stoke Climsland
philip orr kingston maurward college, dorset
awright harlow college
Iain Patterson Brooklands College, Weybridge
Harmony Kwawu South Chelsea College
Carol Hunter NRC Newtownabbey
Mary Williams WEA
Kathleen Susan Barham Kirklees College
Joan Maloney Liverpool Community College-Bankfield
Rob Howe Northamptonshire County Council
Marja Boyce Cornwall College
judy cole HMP Erlestoke
Allister Mactaggart Chesterfield College
Penelope furneaux Kensington and Chelsea college
Pat Budd Harlow College
Amanda Pavon-Lopez Tribal/McDonald's (online learning)
Tony Hodges Carshalton College (rtd)
Narinder Purba Darlington College
jayne budd Cornwall College
Andy Dolan GBR
liz barker cornwall college
Adrian Cunningham The Sheffield College
Andrew Gadd Sutton College
Harvey Smith Leicester
Rita Ralph Midkent College
julie martin wea
Geoffrey Charlton Liverpool. Community. College. Vauxhall Road. Liverpool.
Irvana Urdal Harrogate College
Teresa Gallimore Tonbridge
Jan Underwood Bangor University UCU
Cassie Cobb New College
lisa sharples Liverpool Community College
Ildiko Szabo Greenbank College, Liverpool
elizabeth smith North Warwickshire & Hinckley College
Tony Eames Portland YOI
Shona Terry York College
Khula Sheikh Merton adult Education
Robert Williams Cornwall College
caroline streatfield-chalk 224
Douglas Magua Newham College
Julie Gallagher Salford City College, Salford
Steve Flint Northamptonshire Adult Learning
Aonghus Dracup Kensington & Chelsea College
Begona Morea Roy ATN
Philip Owens Liverpool Community College
David Weatherall RCAT
Clare Mall Woking
Inka Clark Hopwood Hall College/Rochdale
jamie hewett harlow college
Rachel Hopkins North Warwickshire & Hinckley College
Catherine Gregson Northampton Adult Learning Service
carol duggan scola, sutton, surrey
Val Walkden Cornwall College
Paul Dancer North Warwichshire & Hinckley College
Vanessa Gerrard Ashbourne
Oliver Ebenhoeh University of Aberdeen
John Gaudino Lambeth College
helen Nicholls FED city of bristol college
Rob Halpin HMP Elmley Prison
Kay Stead York College
Kathy Cockcroft Highbury College, Portsmouth
Hazel Raven Doncaster College
Nilufar Rahim Sutton College of Learning for Adults
Susan McGonnell Blackburn College
jeannie holman HMP Liverpool - TMC
Maria Robinson Brooklands College
Robbie Witchell East Riding College
Paul Cook MACLS - Medway
william teakle cornwall college
Priscilla Jones UCBC
Geoff Sharp Dudley College
Debbie Mckinney Adult Education North Lincolnshire Council
Irina Solomatina BAEC
Philip Midgley Yorkshire Coast College
Jane Wilde Hailsham Community college
John Manuel Bishop Burton College
Sukhdev Sidhu Cornwall college
Nick pugliese Cornwall college
Preeti Mahajan reading College
alison masters salford city college
Stuart Greenhalgh Liverpool Community College
John Clark The Gateway, Shrewsbury
Helen Lane Trafford College
Lynn Carter New College, Swindon
Ronnie Close University of Wales Newport
Jeff Fowler Sunderland University
Robert Baxter Chesterfield College
Mark Williams Stockport College
Neil Hegedus Chesterfield
Simon Constantine University of Wolverhampton
Martin Caine North West Kent College
dave jaynes harlow
Meichee de Jonge-Ang HMP Onley
John Devlin Cornwall College St Austell
MJ Shaw MBE Cornwall College
paul kingdon cornwall college st austell
Jamie Partington Chesterfield College
Bill Sankey Warwickshire College
Matthew Pritchard Chesterfield College
Kirsten Baron East Surrey College, Redhill
barbara birkett liverpool community college
ben Ryder Cornwall College
Andrew Winder Lancaster & Morecambe
Gill Windle Bangor University
Nicole Hamilton South Tyneside College
michael langley college of west anglia
e bridgland halesowen college
michaela anders wigan and leigh college performing arts dept
Lorna Edwards Derby College
claire gulliver Reading College
Kevin Culum HMP Blundeston Lowestoft
David Gilmartin Blackpool & the Fylde College
Claire Farr Highbury College, Portsmouth
Jayne Iveson Liverpool Community College, The Art Centre
michelle o'hanrahan the henley college
Brian Diskin MK College - Kiln Farm
emma clifton cornwall
Belinda Bixby The Henley Training Company
John Emms Bromley College
lesley jobson northumberland college
Andrew Downs Newcastle Under Lyme College
Mr Neil Farrell Skelmersdale College
J Dynan Bournemouth
Michelle Lobb Cornwall College St Austell
tom orrett liverpool community college
Hannah Sutcliffe Halesowen College
Phil Parkinson Chichester College
Ann-Marie Roberts Chesterfield College, Derbyshire
laura crawley chesterfield college, derbyshire
R L Gould Havering College
Anthony Hodgson South Tyneside College
Frances Owen Stanmore College
Jane Lloyd Kendal College
Sherry Callaghan Solihull College
Carol English Solihull College
Michael Harrington Cornwall College
Terence Brown Blackpool and The Fylde College/Blackpool
Ruth Deller Sheffield Hallam
Ian McLarty Cirencester College
jane jacob liverpool
Fatima Marshall Liverpol
J Burgess Liverpool
Patricia Crofts Health and Social Care, Chesterfield College
mfurnace havering
Karla Powell North East Worcestershire College
B Punter City College Plymouth
Jean Burns Liverpool Community College
Geraldine Woods HMP Coldingley
karen edwards lincoln college
Simon Bigrigg Canterbury College
Adam Plummer Blackpool and the Fylde College
Sue Moore Cornwall College
antony carruthers barking and dagenham college
Anne Paramo Liverpool community college
Rosie O'Hara Canterbury College
Robyna Ochocinska Liverpool Community College Vauxhall Rd
Belinda Cogswell Harlow College
A Matthews Halesowen College
Penny Sweeney Havering College of F&H Ed & Essex County Council
Ruth Smith Duchy College Rosewarne, Camborne, Cornwall
Susan Bicknell Harlow College
Garry Brooking Stourbridge College
Diana McLaughlin Harlow College, Essex
Rory Schofield Worcester College of Technology
Kevin Harold Liverpool Community College
Dave Caton Warrington Collegiate
Pauline Gaskill Liverpool Community College
Andrew Kerr Guildford College
Syd Garratt Blackpool & The Fylde College
M. Byrne Guildford College
Jean Widgery Reading
Mrs Liane Stuart Sparsholt College Hampshire
Zoe Davies Trafford College
Nicole Manning Havering College
Professor John Coleman University of Oxford
Jan Snook Guildford College
Sandra Vaughan Liverpool Community College
Roger Curwen Chichester College
Katy Albiston Cirencester College

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