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Petition opposing the IfL fee increase: 20,501-21,000

We the undersigned note that the Institute for Learning (IfL) has decided to more than double the costs of membership to £68. We further note that membership is compulsory and that this fee is being charged at a time when the cost of living is rising and pay levels are being eroded. We call on the IfL to reverse this decision with immediate effect.

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Full nameLocation
Hazel Thomas Stourbridge Colege
Phil O'Shea The City Lit
Shao-Lan City Literary Institute
Chris Head City Lit
PAUL D ALLEN Newark College
jeremy spencer lincoln college
Peter Chesney Lincoln College
susan grossman City Lit
David Dougan Dudley College
Ken Semper Camden London
Lisa Button Newark College
Sonia Kaur 221
craig simnett sheffield college
francesca wolf the city lit
Anita Lewton City Lit Inst Covent Garden
Patrick Caines Stourbridge College
Jemma Kennedy City Lit
Anne Ford Milton Keynes College
sharon Lovatt stourbridge college
Mark Palin Bournville Construction centre.
steve wilson kendal college
Lise Bate Boldmere, AE Centre, Sutton Coldfield
Jon Weinstein Nescot
Mark Greenaway Oxfordshire Adult Learning
jo birnie exter college
steven lewis gloucestershire college
Glenys Duggan Petroc Barnstaple
Helen Campbell Leeds City College
Peter Smith Newark College
Graeme Hill Newcastle College
Donna Bright Lincoln College
Fred Koranteng-Addo South Thames College Merton Campus
RUTH Crofts New College Nottingham
coralie kyriacou weston college
Lynn Train-Brown Lincoln College
Ashley robson Northumberland college
Jan Logan City Lit
peter yates Trafford College
Kerrie Grantham Hull College
Marina Hardiman Bolton College
Alan Wilson The Sheffield College
Sandra Naden-Horley Milton Keynes College - HMP Onley
ian hayes wellingborough
David Shaw Cambridge Regional College
Lisa Williamson Lakes College
ian hayes wellingborough
Christina Daw petroc Tiverton
Quentin Marsh Lambeth College
Kathy Shaw Norwich
Penelope Clifford Highbury College, Portsmouth
Raffaella Sirletti Paignton Devon
Frances Gray City Lit London WC2
Marcus Green York College
Dr. Scott Bradfield City Lit/ Kingston University
Amanda Stevenson Highbury college
Judy Alden West Nottinghamshire College
Seema Kazmi Newcastle-under-Lyme College
Stella Grant Lambeth College
sally leaf Askham Bryan College
janet hoyle blackburn college
Stephanie Prior The Oldham College
heather taylor newcastle under lyme college
Martin Butler Lancaster and morecambe college
William Horgan RUTC
Marie Evans Yeovil College
Sarah-Jayne Pocock Bury College
Debs Brooks Bury College
Teresa Daniels Coventry City Council
Tim Hadler Stourbridge College
Deborah Abbott Doncaster
pauline rimmer LCC Bankfield
Nick harry hereford college of technology
Julia Southall Dudley College
Catherine Williams City of Bath College
Joan French Solihull College
yvonne maudsley Liverpool community college
nw price south birmingham college
lily markiewicz city lit, london
Jeanette Banks St Helens College
Emma De Silva K College, Tonbridge, Kent
Yvonne Rigby St Helens College
Linda Benson Outreach
Jennie Gray Gloucestershire College
Giselle Yates ACL South Devon College Paignton
Caroline Anne Hale Lincoln College
Karen Thorpe St Helens College
Jean Parkes Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology
Neil Carlin Lincoln College
Elizabeth Graney West Sussex ACL
Kathleen Anne Freeman Oxfordshire County Council Adult Learning, Thame
Julie Arbon Norfolk Adult Education Service
John Wischmeyer The City Lit
Shirley Green South Essex College/Basildon
Anthony O'Connell Epping Forest College
carol duckworth wigan and leigh college
anita mehta St helens College
Robert Barrett sT hELENS cOLLEGE
Philip Landamore Wigan & Leigh College
rebecca hughes worcester college of technology
Jocelyn Khan South Thames College
Jim Clarke St Helens College
Bryn Williams St Helens College
Linda Kinsella St Helens college
s heyes st helens college
Kate Hardy KCC
Susan Booth St Helens college
david norchi walsall college
Lesley Kim Birkett St Helens College
marian sawyer city college brighton and hove
Denise Kirby St helens College
Ben Bradley St Helens College
keith Rudd macclesfield college
Frank Cahill St Helens College
Jenefer Frydman Thomas Calton, Southwark
Catherine Reading Worcester College of Technology
dpye St Helens
Carol Ellis St Helens College
Duncan Murphy St. Helens College
jennifer wishart liverpool city council
Anthony Teague Eastleigh
jennifer wishart liverpool city council
Alison Harper The City Lit
sharron tulloch norton college, sheffield
Andrea Triggs Milton Keynes College
Jane Milton Keynes College
Simon Poole St Helens College
Lesley Stevenson South Birmingham College
Yvette Ford Self-employed
Hemlata brown stourbridge college
Allan Scattergood Tresham College
Linda Parkinson The Manchester College
Deborah Pearson York college
steve hopley st helens college
Kevill Lincoln College
Billy Girvan Tresham College Kettering
Brent R Mutton Tresham college Wellingborough
mike sharples weymouth
mike sharples weymouth
Andrea Martin St Helens College
Michelle Farrar Stoke-on-Trent
Kate McWilliam Birmingham Adult Education
Janet Mary Gell Thompson DCC DACES
deborah Marsh sussex downs college
Robert Hickman Worcester College of Technology
s schofield st helens college
Ant Fildes St Helens College
Moya Frances St Helens College
Rose Sliamni The Sheffield College
Mary Patrick North Hertfordshire College
Jeannie Dewar St Helens College
Cathryn O'Reilly Milton keynes College
alyson jones St Helens College St Helens Merseyside
pauline sivyer chesterfield college
Samantha Forrest StHelens College
Carol Whittle St helens College
Jane Corrigall Harrow College
Paul Buss Smart Training and Recruitment
Claire Williams Blackburn College
Madeleine Broderick Liverpool Adult Learning Service
TerryO'Keefe St Helens College
Sue Skipper Northants
Beryl Reid South Essex College
Bolatito Bello Southwark College
J. Cooper Morley College
Stephen Cahill St.Helens College
Ellen Gaffney Harrogate College
Carol Strafford New College Nottingham
Roy St Helens
James Hughes GHQ Training Ltd
Mick Burke Sheffield City College ESOL Dept.
Lynda Archard Plumstead
Marcia Wellington Birmingham Metropolitan College
Patricia Scanlan Harrow College
Tanya parkhouse Exeter College
Anne Aylor Morley College
Rowena Golton The Manchester College
Tim Hooper South Devon College
Matthew Neale The Sheffield College
Geoff Matheron South Essex College/Southend
Sheila Vollmer Morley College London SE1
Vic Gardener RUTC
Wendy Helps Richmond upon Thames College
Marguerite Alexander City Lit
Christopher Prike Wigan and Leigh College
Sharon Mcilroy Eastberkshire College
Helen Moore Weston College
frederique decombe City of Westminster College, London
Laura Patience Western HMP LIverpool(The Manchester College)
keith mckenna city of westminster college
Caroline Thomas City Lit/Barnet College
Nick Gilbert Morley College & Westminster Uni
Dr Graham Matthewes University Centre Paignton
H.Jones Hopwood Hall College
john black North Hertfordshire Collage
bernadettelloyd North Hertfordshire College
Tony Jessop Winchester
Kevin Davey Lincoln
Carol Lawrence Fareham College
Monica Douglas Lewisham College
lyn dwyer northumberland college
Mary Macleod New College Durham
Helen Adamson Calderdale College, Halifax, West Yorkshire
Helen Holt Lincoln College
C. Kirkland North Hertfordshire College
Lesley Flynn Community Ed. Lewisham, Souhwark ALS ,Sub Morley.
Frank Garner Birmingham Adult Ed & Bournville College
Vicky Fallas Smart Training & Recruitment Wakefield
Wendy Yates Ormskirk College
susan Bristow croydon college
Caroline Harper North Hertfordshire College CFA
Clare haithwaite Smart training
David Cawkwell Somerset College
manon droz kensington & chelsea coleege
shilpa tailor chestnuts hourse
JULIE DALTON Sheffield College (Norton)
Steve Perkins South Staffs College Rodbaston Campus
A Heath BAES
Lola Henry Lambeth College
trudi Sealy sussex coast college hastings
Sean Randle Smart Training & Recruitment
Lisa Talbot Barking and Dagenham College
Kath Holt Abingdon and Witney college
Kevin Mcgowan Southampton City College
Diane Werner Adult and Community Learning, Blackpool Council
Irene Bradshaw City Lit London
Stephanie Warren Cirencester College
Ellen McGee Islington Council ACL
Alexandra Harley city lit
Gita Hahn City Lit
Cathy Strange Norton Radstock College
Hugh Epstein City Lit, Holborn, London
Martina Cotter The City Literary Institute
Graham Higgins NEW College Redditch
nadira Burki Southall & West London College
May Smart Southend Adult Community College, Southend On Sea, Essex
Teresa Wilson Milton Keynes College Milton Keynes
Alan P H.M.P. Risley
Paul Wheeler Stafford College
Adeola Solanke City Literary Institute
julie harker st helens college
Sian Jones Education, HMP Onley
Lisa Moule Smart Training and Recruitment
John Robinson St Helens College
Maureen Hallahan Leicester College
John Kngiht Fareham College
Scott Biagi City Lit
James Mitchell Yeovil College
Cliff Taylor North Hertfordshire College
Will Perrett Fareham College
Peter Walters Stoke on Trent College
P.Thistleton Stoke on Trent College
Mark Hymas Kingston Maurward College
Kelvin V. Mason Sparsholt college
Clare Ford-Wille Morley, City Lit, Birkbeck
Alison Caldwell Newark FE College
Peter Hayward Wigan and Leigh College
Caz Lovell National Star College
Steve Golding GHQ Training
Dave harrison st helens college
Lesley Hopkins Fareham College
Nicholas Murray City Literary Institute
Ian Seddon City College Plymouth
Beverley Bexley College
Mr ALAN HARK Oakland,barnet,harrow. colleges
Jackie Chivers GHQ Training
Leanne McPherson GHQ Training
Louise Crichton Falmouth Adult Education (SfL)
Joanne Mccann salford city college
ian sims south birmingham college
Richard Kelby Loughborough College
Kay Smith North herts College, Stevenage
l.kitching kensington/Chelsea college
Ailey Baker Omega Training Services LTD
rachael parker chichester college
Linda Longworth St Helens College
Amena Evangelides St Helens College
vince potts BMET
Bev Liver LAL - adult college lancaster
susan nielsen lcwc
Andy Orme Wigan & Leigh College
steve humphries Cornwall College, St Austell cornwall
Julie Ann Bennett Oxfordshire Adult Learning
Charlotte Denby Telford Col lege of Arts and Technology
Alison Child Blackpool Council
Quinton Dighton Hargrave Pk Primary N19 5BS
Daniel Standard Barnfield College/Luton
Matthew Williams Barnfield College
Liz Archer North Herts College
John Wagstaff Bolsover Adult Community Education Centre
carole cathro leicestershire adult learning service
Andrew Heley HMP Wellingborough
Mark Denton The Manchester College
Tina Vincent GHQ training
Garnet Gayle Sheffield
Judith Gilbert Hull Adult Education
Monique Dingli Hammersmith & Fulham Adult & Skills Service
L J Thomas Wirral Metropolitan College
Chris Wraith Rochester
MADELEINE THOMPSON Norfolk Adult Education
Wendy Ashall City College Brighton & Hove
Peter Wilkinson Workers' Educational Ass.
David Howard St. Helens College
James Petrucci Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College
Donna Pattrick Hull
Anthony Grant Dudley College, The broadway Dudley
James Tyrer Blackburn
Denis Renaud NBR H&T
Victoria Page City College Plymouth
Jason Alexander Newcastle Construction Acadamy
Alex Bristow Canterbury college
Marc Christmas K college
Catharine Bosacki Exeter College
anna cekala
anna cekala BAES south
Penelope hall Leeds City College Keighley Campus
Wendy Norwood Milton Keynes College, Chaffron Way
grace gan leeds city college leeds
jackie waters rutc
Hannah Roberts Truro College
Janet Cowan The Manchester College
Michele Berrie Morley College
C Olton St Mary's University College
Miss Helen Gentle Newark College/ Protocol National
Joyce Chadwick St Helens College
Derek Pretty Cambridge Regional College
Kelly Knight Hackney College
B lavery London
Rajinder Haire Dudley College
Jennie Tsai Liverpool Community College
chris tym reaseheath college
Gill Kelly The College at Braintree
M. Crossley Avenues Adult Education Centre/Hull
Julie Escreet Doncaster College, The Hub, Doncaster
Tracey Exeter College
Mark Campbell Redbridge Institute of Adult Education
John Payne Lincoln College
Hester Marietjie GARVEY Westminster Adult Education Service
Trudy Welsh Merton Adult Education
gill laragione riverside college runcorn
Lynn Harmer Greenwich Community College
Margaret Thomas Gloscol
Abiodun Abdul Westminster Adult Education Service
Alys Tillson-Hawke exeter College
David Clough Smart Training, Wakefield
Jo Shoop Hackney Community College
Delia Rodriguez Hackney
Alex Lowe East riding College
Diana Hughes Hackney Community College
walter bristowe barnsley college
Nick Jones Bournemouth & Poole College
Sallie Paul The Henley College
Donna Ryde Barnfield College
Diana Wichelhaus Hull City Council Adult Education, The Avenues Centre
Caroline Foley Willesden
Tracey Muir Tower Hamlets College. Poplar
rebecca north hull adult education
O Judge Manchester
Peter Dijkhuizen South Devon College, Paignton
Andrew Garth Sheffield Hallam University
Pam Poma HUll Adult Education Service
Renee Wallen Redbridge Institute of Adult Education
Sue Colecchia North Lindsey College
Stephen Maidment Brockenhurst College
Marta Lazic BACES
Linda Parry Hopwood Hall College
Gary Mills Somerset College
A Jamieson Sussex Coast College
rehaila sharif sheffield city college
Simon Pearson Bournemouth and Poole College
Austin Newbold WAES, Amberley Rd., London. W9 2JJ
Pat Dimuantes Blackpool Council
Dr Cris Yelland Teesside University
Olwen Geen Richmond Adult Community College
Dave Patterson Andover College
jacqui smith st helens college
Helen Jacobs Worcester College of Technology
Tatiana Dukhovnikova Westminster Adult Education Service
J Margareto OCVC
ian titley Stafford College
victoria newens the university centre at blackburn college
Barbara Marsh City Lit
Leslie Hutley Field Road Ilkeston
Dorothy Roberts North Herts College
gerry cooney Milton Keynes College
James Taylor Wiltshire College Salisbury
Mrs C Wartke-Dunbar Oxfordshire County Council
Sarah-Louise Nicholson North Tyneside Council
Hazel James Morley College Se1 7HT
Maggie O'Neill W14 9BL
Kamaljit Bola HMP Birmingham
A Didier London
Shalini Bhatia Redbridge Institute of Adult Education
Ms Jan Dayman Kensington & Chelsea College
Richard Dutton HMP Bullingdon, Oxon.
terry Anslow Telford College
Rosemarie Daley Birmingham Metropolitan College
Ian Reynolds Worcester College of Technology
Christine Pearce Oxford
Tracy Baker Birmingham metropolitan college
Martyn Baker Telford College
Lynette KIng Birmingham Metropolitan college castle Vale
Karen Strudwick Hackney Community College
gillian clarey Lincoln College
Sarah Moore Workers' Educational Association
jeff chambers croydon college
Tinamaria Clifford South Devon College
lillian Julius hackney
Wendy Howard Press Tower Hamlets College
David Pinnington Wigan & Leigh College
Miss Helen Grace Wilcox EAST DURHAM COLLEGE
Kate Shewell East Berkshire College
Debbie Rammelsberger Peaks College Sheffield
Donna Dance North Hertfordshire College
maria Bio Kensington and Chelsea College
Andrew Scarrott NEW College Redditch
Pawel Tatarek Bournemouth and Poole College
Elsie Williams North Hertfordshire College
Robin Cousins Canterbury College
Ruth Lennard Westminster Adult Education Service
Stephen Lloyd Birmingham Metropolitan College
Joanna Ward City of Wolverhampton College
Mark K Hayes Cornwall College St Austell
Kevin Mark Kumar South Leicestershire College
Tracy Morgan Bedford
Sharon Morgan Kingston Maurward College
Victoria Greenmsith Nelson and Colne College
Tamsin Carne Exeter
Nicola Toms Birmingham Met College
Stephen Bird Hackney Community College
Libusha Steele Morley College, London
Christopher Finch Plymouth
athina stamou morley college
michaela chivers GHQ Training plymouth
Rose M.Robbins adult Community Learning Centre at South Devon College
M Clifford Smith North Hertfordshire College
Joanne Linkins Fareham College
pollyspeers solihull college
Jewel de Kachina Morley College
Denise Bergman Leicester College
Sarah Francis Morley College at BEC
Sohail Sayed East Berkshire College
Juliana Saili East Berkshire College
Jemma Wood Leicester College
Heather Summers north hertfordshire college
Simon broadbent North Herts College
Rafal O Class
Jackie Fravolini Waltham Forest Community Learning
Ian Lewinson Hackney Community College
mark burr barnfield college
Oliver Jeffries Cambridge Regional College
Tim Graby Hull City Council Adult Education
Jannette Bloom Otley college
Bronwen Einon Introtrain
Penny Powdrill Gloucester College
Bev Bradshaw Beverley
Sharon Laing Walthamforest Community Education
susan edwards south devon college
Iorwerth Pugh Exeter College
Anoop Mankoo BMETC
Hayley Chilver Otley College
Sally-Ann Matthews HInwick Hall College
Lauren Swift Hinwick Hall
Alan Bird Amersham & Wycombe College
john freemantle The Vocational College wirral
kim chapman Adult college of barking and dagenham
David Stapleton Grimsby
Rebecca Percival Northampton College
Linda Paterson North Hertfordshire College
susan webb north herts college
Jennifer Anderson Bournemouth & Poole College
Maria Yates Bournemouth and Poole College
lynn riani Durham County Council, Tyne Road,
Joan Hutchinson New College Durham
Nolan Wall Sutton Campus
veronica sharp North Hertfordshire College
linda swain North Herts College Stevenage
Janette Davies The Manchester College
J.R.Richardson Lakes College West Cumbria
Elizabeth Snell Exeter College
CarolGadstone Suffolk County Council Comunity Learning and Skills Development
Eric Jackson Dudley College of Technology
Valerie Doulton Birkbeck, London University and City Lit
Timothy Hoddell Gloucestershire College
Loretta Pearce Waltham Forest Class
Ian Hawkes East Berkshire College
philip lythgoe the manchester college

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