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Strike FAQS

Q:What am I expected to do during a strike?
Q:Do I have to tell my employer that I am taking strike action?
Q:What are the exemptions to taking strike action?
Q:Do I have to reschedule the work that I have missed?
Q:I have external commitments on the day(s) of the strikes, should I cancel?
Q:How late can someone join the union and still take part in strike action?
Q:How will it affect my pension?
Q:My employer has told me that I will lose core pensions rights such as death in service if I take part in strike action, is this true?
Q:What about my students?
Q:Am I breaking my contract by taking strike action?
Q:How much money will I lose?
Q:What if I am part time?
Q:What is the law on picketing?
Q:I am not a UCU member. Can I take part in the strike?
Q:(HE) I am a Research Fellow fully funded by external bodies but I don't want to cross the picket line. What do I do?
Q:(HE) I am a clinician and a UCU member, and I have clinical commitments on strike day. What can I do?
Q:What are the guidelines on picketing?
Q:Will participating in strike action affect my entitlement to statutory maternity pay (SMP)?
Q:If I am a member in a non-striking institution and I have scheduled business at a striking institution, can I be dismissed if I do not cross a picket?

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