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Staff protests at London South Bank University in row over pay bargaining

13 July 2011

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Staff at London South Bank University (LSBU) will lobby members of the university's board of governors as they arrive for a key meeting tomorrow to decide whether or not the university rejects national pay bargaining for another year.

The demonstration, organised by members of UCU will begin at 3pm outside the Technopark Building on London Road, where the meeting is due to start at 4pm.

The protest comes just two weeks after UCU members at LSBU took strike action in defence of national pay bargaining and is part of a bitter two-year dispute, which started when the university first opted out of national pay deals.
UCU has warned the university that it risks being seen as a 'pariah institution' if it does not rejoin the majority of universities back in the national arena and cautioned that industrial relations at the institution would get even worse.

UCU regional official, Greg Barnett, said: 'Staying out of national pay bargaining for a third year would be a big mistake for the university and lead to a significant worsening of industrial relations. UCU members will be making it clear to the board that it is now time to rejoin the vast majority of universities back in the national arena.'

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'UCU members at South Bank have the full support of the national union. I urge the board of governors to reverse a decision which risks the university being seen as a pariah institution.'


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