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Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

Communities Together: Build a Bridge

Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January : Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 JanuaryOn Holocaust Memorial Day, we remember the millions who have been murdered in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides for example in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.  The day reminds us to challenge hatred and persecution in the world today.  The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 is 'Communities together: build a bridge' is asking you to honour those communities which were destroyed through hate.

UCU is very pleased to launch a web film to commemorate the memories of the many who were murdered during the Holocaust. We would like to thank UCU members who appear in this film and those who kindly submitted written testimonials about their family members who were murdered during the Holocaust. 

We would first and foremost like to thank all UCU members who have contributed by allowing their family testimonial to be included in this publication.

In addition, we have also produced:

UCU wins award for Holocaust film

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