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University of Liverpool UCU: 2,751-3,000


We the undersigned condemn the University of Liverpool's decision to issue a Section 188 notice to dismiss more than 2000 staff with the intention of rehiring them on inferior contracts that require them to work more evenings, weekends and bank holidays, without appropriate compensation. We believe that this is the act of a rogue and pariah institution which brings the University into disrepute and we call on the management to withdraw the notice of dismissal and return to the talks with immediate effect.

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tony smith liverpool hope university
Gary Anderson Liverpool Hope University
N.Paris Uni of Liverpool Student
Tom Kelly University of Liverpool
Caroline Sutcliffe University of Manchester
Nicky Atherton University of Warwick
Panagiotis Vasilatos Lecturer School of Architecture NTUA
David Baume Milton Keynes
Martin Gough University of Kent
Mark Jenner University of York
Caroline Bithell Manchester
Graham Korn Havering Sixth Form College
clare olinsky kensington and chelsea college london w10
Dr Richard Lampard University of Warwick
Phaedon Brtotzakis Amsterdam
Susan parlour Derry
Andrew Jamieson University of Leicester
eva xidaki university of crete
Catherine Morel Kingston University
mike abbott dudley
Claire Checkley Liverpool Hope University
S Humphrey University of Liverpool
Katie Bristow University of Liverpool
Claire Taylor University of Liverpool
Danielle Heybroek Manchester
Hayley Rushton-Davis Liverpool
Mike Jones PCS union, Liverpool
Elspeth Anwar University of Liverpool
Nicole Valtorta Liverpool
Dave Merryweather Liverpool Hope University
Leigh Morris The University of Manchester
Dimitra Valdramidou UoM
Professor W R Lee Birkenhead
Gwendolen Grahl University of Liverpool
Sheila Pevely Liverpool
Marie Morgan Liverpool
Andy Sawyer University of Liverpool
Richard Groves The University of Warwick
Vaggelis Toufexis
Kara Johnston Liverpool
R. Tanasi Amsterdam
Paula Wood PCS/Liverpool
Robert B Freedman Life Sciences, Warwick University
Elizabeth Sproule Queens University Belfast
J Forster University of Liverpool
Emilie Morin University of York
Michaela Wegg University of Liverpool undergraduate
Gemma Charters Liverpool Community College
William Heston Chesterfield
Catherine Silverstone QMUL
Huw Fletcher liverpool
Joanne Mee PCS union
John Taylor Liverpool
Bob Sutton Vice President, Liverpool Guild of Students 2011-2012
Tony Austin University of York
Derek Mellor Merseyside (PCS)
Steven Longworth HMP Liverpool
peter lyon charity commission liverpool
John Layfield Home Office Liverpool
Michael Dempsey Liverpool
Tracy Black Health and Safety Executive, Bootle
rachel oakes DBS
Ashleigh Mellon DBS
Nicholas Flood Liverpool
Denise Hall DBS
Charlotte Fortune Charity Commission Liverpool (PCS)
Ian Walker DBS - shannon court
Andrew Reeve University of Warwick
Lorraine Hayes DBS, Liverpool
Rochelle Sibley University ofWarwick
Fiona O'May Queen Margaret University
Jennifer Breckell Charity Commisson
Alyson Thornton DBS Liverpool
Jeff James HMP Liverpool
Becky Roberts Charity Commission
alicia esteban knowlsey
Janice Lee-Williams Liverpool
Andrew Leech Liverpool
s Banks Charity Commission Liverpool
C. Leech Liverpool
elaine morley DBS Liverpool
elizabeth webster liverpool community college
Antony Walker Civil Servant / Liverpool
Craig Rogers DBS Liverpool
Mark Morley Home office/ the Capital
Esther Cosslett Liverpool Community College
Dan Holliday Charity Commission Liverpool
Korina Giaxoglou Kingston University London
Julie Marlow Cedar House, Ashton Street, Liverpool
emma elliott Unilever PLC c/o Manpower
Professor Emeritus Tony Elger Gullane, East Lothian
Dr. Chris Routledge University of Liverpool
David Riley DBS/Liverpool
Patrick Colleran University of Liverpool
Clare Martindale Careers & Employability Service
karen kenwright dbs
Catherine Allnutt Liverpool
D Wicks Liverpool
Neil Darlow Civil service, Liverpool
Karen Sellars Disclosure & Barring Service
John Gibbons Home Office
Mick Carpenter Warwick
Ian Tomkinson Chester
Samantha Hall DBS Liveperpool
a. coveney Exeter
Carly Bird DBS Liverpool
James Ramejkis DBS Liverpool
Gabriel Rockhill Villanova University
Anne Wright Staffordshire University
David Halliday University of York
Jean Chidlow-Jones Shannon Court
Dr Chris Campbell University of Warwick
Ed Granter University of Manchester
Ray Roberts Home Office
David H. Lawrence Brighton University
Mike Roberts Kingston University
Liam O'Donnell United Kingdom
Amarjit Bhatti London
Neville Grundy Southport
Anne Willis Northumbria University
Adrian Randallk University of Bedfordshire
Alan Collins Queen's University Belfast
Mary Stevenson Liverpool Hope niversity
Anne Thornton PCS
michael keane Blackburn College
Jackie Wilkinson Leeds Metropolitan University
Barry King University of Liverpool.
Maria Angela Rapacciuolo Technical University of Athnes
Alister Burr University of York
Samantha McGrath Civil service comben house
Charlotte Smith Manchester
angela clements derby uni
Tony Fenley UWE
Bernard Burke University of Leicester
Dr Andreas Kornelakis University of Sussex
Grace Mcshane Unievrsity of Liverpool
Beatrice Smyth Queen's University Belfast
Clive Sexton The Open University
Laura Routley Newcastle University
Carolyn Dean University of Manchester
Dr David Arnold University of Worcester
Dr. B. P. O'Donohoe University of Sussex
Deirdre O'Sullivan Leicester
Elaine Kidney University of Birmingham
Steve Davies Cardiff
David Lexton QMUL
Val Brooks University of Warwick
Dr Philip Connell University of Cambridge
Andrew Murray Unite the Union, London and University of Liverpool Graduate
Cor Jonker Staffordshire University
Elodie Laügt University of St Andrews
Christine Byron Cardiff University
Antigonos Sochos U of Bedfordshire
Antigonos Sochos U of Bedfordshire
Chris Flood University of Surrey
Dr. Graham Sharp University of Brighton
Vanessa Harding London
Ged Seacombe University of Bolton
Aileen Neal London
Brechtje Post University of Cambridge
Engelbert Stockhammer Kingston
Lecturer Anglia Ruskin University
Tony Whelan London School of economics
Dr Keith Thomas IOW
Janet dack Teesside University
David Devaney Home Office/Liverpool
Cássio Balatore Giansante Brazil
Victoria Cuckson Liverpool
Dr Claudia Wulff University of Surrey
Dr Peter Anthony Cook University of East Anglia
Thomas Corbett HM Revenue and Customes, Netherton
Claire Poole Liverpool
Julie Parkinson DWP, LIVERPOOL
Karen Argent Newman University
John Cleary Heriot-Watt University
Kim Willis University of Sunderland
Leslie Noble University of Aberdeen
Dr John Puddefoot QMUL
Elaine Morley Hopwood Hall College
Matthew Spencer University of Liverpool
Marged Haycock Aberystwyth University
Laura UWE
Julie Rolls UCL
Dr Mark Haywood The Open University
Janet Bujra University of Bradford
Mario Novelli University of Sussex
Paul McKeown City University London
Phil Rippon Open University
Elaine Mackie Coventry University
Caroline Scott UCA
Carole Liverpool John Moores University
Dr Natalie Hempel de Ibarra University of Exeter
Steve Martin University of York
Mandie scamell City University London
Dr Madhu Satsangi University of Stirling
Tracey Sherwood Northampton
Steve Alcock KCC
Stephen Tyre University of St Andrews
Sunray Heap Vale of Glamorgan
Vesna Perisic University of Southampton
Dr. Susan Blackwell Independent language consultant, Birmingham
Tina Foran HMP Manchester
Dr Victoria Gosling University of Salford
Ray Powell University of Greenwich
Patrick Ainley University of Greenwich
Anthony Carew Retired Formerly UMIST
Steve Matthews Bridgend College
Steph Howkins Nottingham Trent University
Peter Halkon Hull
Yu Wang University of Salford
Paul Windle Broadgreen International School
Tracey Warren University of Nottingham
Louise Delicato University of Sunderland
Eddie Little Casual - various
Marie-Clare Ellington Kendal
Roger Buckle university of Warwick
Valerie Brossier University of Hertfordshire
Catherine Lamond University of Wolverhampton
Steve Condliffe University of Bristol
Joan Livesley University of Salford
Samir vohra University central Lancashire
Alan Frisch Univ of York
Sarah Cullen University of West London
Margaret Huber University of Brighton
Susan McCraith Barnet College
Jennet Thomas University of the ARts, London
Matthew Hollinshead Neston
Charlotte Kappel Carnatic Reception
elizabeth turner nottinghams
M Miah Tower Hamlets College UCU
Geraldine Harris london university
Jo McCullock Sunderland
Siobhan Markwell Hackney Community College
Stephanie Williams City of Bath College
C Erwin Havering College
Matthew Cookson Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College
William Hodgson UCL London
Vickie McKee Loughborough University
Anthony Poole Liverpool Community College
Dr Ross Hetherington University of Glasgow
Michael Flynn University of Gloucestershire
Peter Hall Westminster Kingsway College King's Cross
Alan smith university of chester
arthur nicholas University of manchester
R,Croghan Open University
Richard Anthony London

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