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Union to hold forum on future of green economy

1 June 2011 | last updated: 11 December 2015

UCU will host a special green skills training forum on Monday 6 June that will discuss how colleges and universities can drive the UK's green economy.

The event (which will begin at 10.30 at UCU head office, Carlow Street, London NW1 7LH) comes after UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, told delegates at UCU's annual congress this weekend, that the 'UK's economic future depended on creating sustainable, green economic growth' (Sally Hunt's speech can be found here).

 Participants, from across further and higher education, will exchange ideas on how the UK should train future workforces and pioneer green research, so it remains competitive in the global knowledge economy.

UCU, which is a member of the Greener Jobs Alliance, will be launching its Green Skills Manifesto at the Glastonbury festival later this month.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'The case for a rapid shift to a low carbon economy has never been stronger, yet this can't be achieved without significant investment in our colleges and universities.

'Further and higher education are uniquely placed to deliver the training and research needed to drive the UK's green economy. Tertiary education must be at the centre of a strategy for sustainable economic growth and social justice or we will be left behind by on the world stage.' 

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