Youth climate strikes

29 November climate strike update

22 November 2019 | last updated: 15 January 2020

For over ten years, UCU has been campaigning for a greener and more sustainable environment, workplace and curriculum. We have been inspired by the global youth strike movement which has shifted the political agenda on the climate emergency.

Millions of students across the globe have struck for climate justice. Their action has forced governments across the world (and the UK parliament) to declare a climate emergency.

It is UCU policy that we continue to support and publicise school climate strikes. The next school climate strike 29 November coincides with many HE branches taking strike action over pay and pensions. For the avoidance of doubt the HE pay and pension strike action is separate and legally distinct from the call for a stoppage relating to the climate action.

Branches are asked to:

  • encourage members to support the climate action or events taking place on the 29 November
  • build links with local student and climate change action groups
  • establish a branch environmental action group.

If your branch is taking strike action on the day you may want to consider:

All branches are encouraged to write to their employers asking them to declare a climate emergency and take proactive steps in the fight for climate justice.

To be clear the purpose of any events on the day would be to show solidarity with young people and students demonstrating and taking part in other activities on 29 November.  It is not a strike against employers and we are not calling on members to breach their contracts in support of the climate related actions and activities.

Branches are also asked to: