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Green New deal bargaining: 12 & 19 July 2022, (two half days), Online, National course

This course is for all Green reps along with those in the branch who are interested in bargaining around environmental issues. The course will help reps navigate UCU Green New Deal bargaining advice and enable you to work on a potential claim to the employer along with looking at a deep organising approach to any campaign strategy.

Organising courses

Course details

Nation/region:National course
Course meeting dates: 12 & 19 July 2022 (two half days) 

Please ensure you can attend the entire course prior to submitting your application  form. Please further ensure you have secured time off from your employer to attend.
Course meeting times:

This course will be taught over two half day sessions. 

12th July -10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

19th July - 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Course time commitment:Roughly 12-15 hours including pre course and self-directed work
Location:Online and virtual teams/zoom weekly course meetings.

You will be given a UCU Share Point login for this course. You will need to log in to access any pre-course work, tutor announcements, course chat etc. If you do not log in prior to the initial course meeting you may lose your place on this course.

Course content

The course will be taught via a mixture of a virtual course meeting, group activities some outside of the course meeting, and individual discussion with the course tutor if needed and will cover:

  • why climate justice is a trade union issue 
  • preparing a Green New Deal (GND) claim 
  • building UCU locally  - how to get members fully involved
  • strengthening links with other unions, students and wider community
  • campaigning around your green new deal claim.
UCU courses are funded via members' contributions and public funding.

Information Facility time

Online courses are no different to face-to-face courses in terms of time off for training. Time off for training is a right and one which should be exercised as part of normal industrial relations. For more info please see  Facilities and time off for UCU reps.

We suggest you take the day of the course meeting as facility time. This will allow you to complete the course activities, attend the course meeting and fully participate.  

When you apply for a course we will assume that are making a commitment to attend the course as advertised, and have secured time off from your employer. Please contact your branch/region if you are having problems securing time off.

Important Before you complete this form, please be aware: You may be asked to register with the delivering college in which your trade union tutor is employed. Where colleges are drawing down funding for delivery you will be ask for your passport or equivalent identification details to register. This is a demand of the college who are following government requirements in order to satisfy public funding criteria. This is not a requirement UCU want to see and we are lobbying for change. However, as it stands, if you do not register with the college, your place will not be fundable.