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Falmouth University UCU members threaten industrial action in support of newly employed staff

23 September 2021

UCU members at Falmouth University have this week voted overwhelmingly in support of potential industrial action to protect the pensions of newly employed academic staff.

In an indicative ballot on possible industrial action, 80% of members who voted, did so to stand up for newly employed colleagues and support industrial action to protect decent pensions for new staff.

UCU has raised concerns about moves to employ new staff under a subsidiary private company, and remove access to the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS), a contractual right that all other academic-related members in post-92 universities have access to.

Management at the university have so far refused to engage in their own disputes procedure and imposed the TPS removal with almost immediate effect. As of 1 September, newly hired staff, who also face precarious contracts and unaffordable house prices in the region, have had their pensions entitlement slashed by half.

UCU regional support official, Alison Chapman, said: 'Our members have clearly demonstrated their strength of feeling about this backward move to make huge cuts to the pensions of newly employed staff. It sends a terrible message to new staff and we fear may be the thin edge of the wedge. We are concerned that management are threatening to disregard long-agreed terms and conditions, which will have a massive impact on the pensions of new staff. Until management reverse this decision UCU will continue to campaign against the change and resist the imposition of poorer pensions on new staff.'

Last updated: 23 September 2021