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UCU and NUS back MPs' amendment to bring down fees vote

9 December 2010 | last updated: 11 December 2015

UCU and the National Unions Students (NUS) have today backed a cross-party amendment tabled in parliament to stop the vote to increase university tuition fees.

Liberal Democrat, Labour, Conservative and National MPs have all backed an amendment that would see MPs vote on the option of postponing the fees vote and for more public consultation on the issue of funding higher education.
UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'There has not been anything like the level of scrutiny of the government's plans that there should have been. We need full and proper consultation, not the kind of dirty politics that is all about winning a majority at any cost.  Any MP who has any doubts about plans to triple fees should vote for a delay and proper debate.'
NUS president, Aaron Porter, said: 'As tens of thousands descend on Westminster, politicians from across all parties are standing up for them by backing this move to defend students and their families. If MPs stick to the pledges they made to voters, ministers will lose today and be forced back to the drawing board.'
The full amendment:
Secretary Vince Cable
That, for the purpose of section 24 of the Higher Education Act 2004, the higher amount should be increased to £9,000, and to £4,500 in the cases described in regulation 5 of the draft regulations in Command Paper Cm 7986, and that the increase should take effect from 1 September 2012.
As Amendments to Secretary Vince Cable's proposed motion (Higher Education Higher Amount):
Dr Julian Huppert
Jonathan Edwards
    Line1,leave out from  'That' to end and add 'this House, being of the opinion that tuition fees should be phased out entirely, resolves that no authorisation under section 26(2)(b)(ii) of the Higher Education Act 2004 to increase the higher amount prescribed by section 24(6) of that Act should be made, and orders that no further such motion to authorise an increase in the higher amounts should be tabled during the remainder of this Parliament.'.
Greg Mulholland
Dr Julian Lewis
Caroline Lucas
Mr John Denham
Andrew Percy
Tim Farron
Jonathan Edwards   
Mr John Leech   
Paul Farrelly
Mr Nigel Dodds   
Mr Mark Williams   
Natascha Engel
Ian Swales   
Mark Durkan   
Dr Alasdair McDonnell
Ms Margaret Ritchie
    Line1,leave out from  'That' to end and add 'this House considers that the Government has failed to convince many people of the fairness and sustainability of its proposals for funding higher education; urges the Government to undertake more public consultation on the issue, including consultation with future graduates and their families who did not contribute to the consultation over the Browne review; and further considers that, prior to contemplating any increase to the higher amount specified in section 24 of the Education Act 2004, the Government should publish a White Paper on reform of higher education funding, allowing for consultation and for consideration of alternative proposals.'.
Jonathan Edwards
Caroline Lucas
    Line1,leave out from  '2004' to end and add 'the basic and higher amount shall be £0; and that this change should take effect from 1 September 2011.'.
Secretary Vince Cable
   That the draft Higher Education (Basic Amount) (England) Regulations 2010, which were laid before this House on 29 November, be approved.
   The Speaker will put the Questions necessary to dispose of proceedings on the Motions in the name of Secretary Vince Cable relating to Higher Education Higher Amount and the draft Higher Education (Basic Amount) (England) Regulations not later than five hours after the commencement of proceedings on the first Motion, or at 5.30 pm, whichever is the earlier; such Questions will include the Questions on any Amendments selected by the Speaker which may then be moved; proceedings may continue after the moment of interruption; and Standing Order No. 41A (Deferred divisions) will not apply (Order of 8 December).