Julie Hearn (Lancaster University)

Election address

I am a lecturer in Politics at Lancaster Universityand am passionate about trade unionism in higher and further education. With the marketization of universities and colleges, and the commodification of education, the very essence of what we do and how we do it is under attack. I want us to be a strong trade union that will resist this continuing managerial take-over of our professions, our institutions and our relationship with each other and with our students. I am standing as a UCU Left candidatebecause Ithink it is possible to have a fighting union that is member-led and will effectively defend our interests.

I have been a member of UCU/AUT for eighteen years.The first eight years of my membership were on fixed term contracts:A profoundly demoralising experience and hence my commitment to campaigning against casualization.As soon as I secured my first permanent post, I became pregnant and the next ten years have been characterised by juggling research targets, teaching, union activism and being a parent. During this time I have been the membership officerat Lancaster University branch and since the beginning of the year, joint vice president.As I have become more involved in the leadership of the branch Ihave become increasingly concerned about how decisions are made at national level. I believe we need a fighting NEC and this is what Istand for.

  • Members: Our Powerhouse

I believe in our members. We are the union's greatest resource and you can see that by the incredible levels of care, compassion and commitment that go on, day in day out, in branches, up and down the country. We need to step it up, but that potential cannot be realised by negativity and defeatism. We need a clear industrial strategy that we can trust and a leadership that inspires us and leads from the front. Keeping our members updated by personal contact and regular newsletters and helping them to be active has been one of our branch's priorities and achievements.

  •  Marketisation and Academic Freedom

I will fight all government attacks against universities from the HE Green Paper to Prevent. Iwill be attending the Second Convention for HE and would urge all members to come along (www.heconvention2.wordpress.com).

  •  Pay and Pensions

I will continue to defend fair pay and decent pensions and, most importantly, would represent your views at NEC on how we can do that most effectively over the coming years.

Last updated: 1 February 2016