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Jim Thakoordin (Bedfordshire and Luton ACE)


Election address

Services to the Union


Member UCU-NATFHE NEC 13 years
Branch Secretary Bedfordshire and Luton ACE
Member UCU Regional
Member Anti-Casualisation and Disabled Members Committees
Vice-Chair Black Members National Committee and Newsletter Editor
Vice-Chair Anti-Casualisation Committee
President Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire TUCs
Member South East TUC Regional Council and Race, International, and Disability Committees


Chair Anti-Casualisation and BMSC National Committees
Governor Colleges and Universities
UCU and TUC Conferences delegates
Member Employment Tribunals
Ex Union Official
Author; several publications on Equality, Unions, History and Politics

I work in FE: mainly in ACE. I design, organise, and teach courses on Equality, Employment Law, Community Development and Empowerment. I have been involved in unions for over 30 years.

I seek your support to continue on the NEC and ensure that education is a democratic and human right accessible to all. This government has repeatedly attacked education resulting in: cuts, marketisation, redundancies, expansion of zero hours contract, cuts in pay, conditions and living standards, restricting access to education through high fees, cuts in grants and reducing access to the vulnerable. They have also attacked workers rights and their unions.

This is a critical time for education and the UCU. We must unite and build the UCU from the bottom up; support workplace activists and actions; improve local, regional and national representation and strengthen the union through maximising resources and support for members in every workplace.

Quality education is essential for economic, social, and political development in a globalised world as well as preparing people to question and participate in the democratic process as active citizens.

If re-elected I will continue fighting for a:  

Lay member led UCU that puts members, access to free education, and equality at the centre of our campaigns

Stronger UCU through membership density, campaigns that focuses on; opposition to austerity, privatisation, commoditisation, marketisation and elitism; withdrawal of grants and introduction of fees and loans

UCU that listens to the membership; invests in organising, train and support activists; increases branch and workplace capacity to challenge and eliminate all forms of discrimination, including gender, race, disability, age, casualisation, LGTB, religion and beliefs and status

Campaign to promote ACE, ESOL, FE and parity with schoolteachers

Strong, radical NEC committed to seriously and consistently challenge attacks on education; work with other unions, students and communities

UCU that implements Congress decisions and ensure equality within all UCU structures 

Campaigning union against excessive workloads, bullying, harassment, cuts in pay and conditions

We must work to reverse these attacks and use industrial action effectively but only as a last resort. Building the UCU and protecting its future can only be achieved through mass membership, unity, support from members and listening to them.

Thank you for your support

Last updated: 1 February 2016