Julia Roberts (Lambeth College)

Election address

I have worked at Lambeth College for over thirteen years, teaching across a range of courses. My specialism is maths and Icurrently teach GCSE and functional skills maths to both 16-18 and 19+ age groups.

Union Experience

I have always been an active branch member at Lambeth College; firstly with NATFHE and then with UCU. In recent years my activism has increased as Isee the need to stand up and not stand by. During Lambeth's recent contracts dispute I was an active branch committee member. I have more recently been elected as delegate to Special Sector Conference and also to National Congress in May 2015. Currently I hold the position of Joint Branch Secretary at Lambeth College.

A Campaigning Union

As a supporter of UCU Left Istrongly believe in a proactive campaigning union.

FE is under attack from all sides: sweeping cuts in funding; creeping privatisation; area reviews which will result in reduced provision and staff losses; attempts to diminish working terms and conditions; increased workload and stress; and the targeted onslaught on ESOL courses in particular and some of our most vulnerable students.

I am standing for the NEC because I want to ensure that the union is proactive in fighting for FE and protecting / improving the conditions under which FE staff work and FE students study. FE provides an educational route for the working class and the disadvantaged. The government is not interested in these sections of society and it is our duty to ensure that quality provision for potential and existing students is not trampled upon or eliminated altogether. UCU needs to ensure that these routes to self-empowerment remain accessible. Central to maintaining quality of provision is ensuring that staff are looked after and not bullied, harassed or overladen.

As a member of UCU NEC I would seek to ensure that UCU campaigns:

  • to defend post-16 education;
  • to fight for an increase in funding;
  • to raise the profile and importance of FE education within the wider community;
  • for an extra £1 per hour for all and by doing so acknowledge the contribution made by FE staff;
  • to protect educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged in society;
  • to participate in a wider union campaign to protect the rights of working people.
Last updated: 1 February 2016