Mandy Brown (Lambeth College)

Election address


  • I have taught English for Speakers of Other languages (ESOL) at Lambeth College, Brixton for the last 13 years and at Thomas Danby College, Leeds for 1 year.
  • Branch Secretary Lambeth College since 2010
  • Lambeth College Branch Committee since 2008
  • UK Elected NEC member since 2013.
  • London Regional FE Secretary since 2012.
  • TUC delegate 2014.
  • NEC subcommittee ROCC member 2015.
  • UCU Congress delegate 2010-2015
  • Lambeth TUC Womens Equality Officer since 2013
  • Initiated UCU's ten-point FE Charter
  • Founding member of Action for ESOL. Contributor to the ESOL Manifesto.
  • Lead a successful 4 week strike at Lambeth College to defend contracts.
  • London Region liaison with John McDonnell MP to organise two UCU Parliamentary lobbies this year.
  • Organised 1500 march on London Assembly to defend adult education.
  • UCU Left supporter

Publicly-funded education is in crisis. Since austerity began we have seen massive funding cuts alongside increasing marketisation in our schools, universities and in particular to adult and further education in colleges, community providers and prisons. It is unacceptable that FE adult funding has been cut by 35% with 1 million student places lost since 2010, thousands of lecturers made redundant and our pay cut by 17%. The cuts have hit women, BME and disabled groups hardest.

FE area reviews and mergers represent a new offensive designed to break up colleges and shrink education to a narrow skills agenda.

The HE Green Paper will lead to higher tuition fees, increased state intervention into HE organisation and delivery, easier entry for private providers, more bureaucracy and fearful measuring of staff. HE will be available only for a minority who can afford heavy debt. Universities like London Met and the Open University may not survive.

Our campaigning to defend Adult Education has significantly raised the profile of the sector. The government's spending review showed this campaign has forced them to give 4 years protection to FE funding, although this is a real term freeze. We need to campaign for more funding for FE.

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party and the movement that has built up since has created a dramatic change in the political climate. The front bench of the Labour party joined us to pledge their support when we struck this November. We need to maximise this opportunity to put forward our vision of education and broaden the growing movement to stop austerity and defend the whole of post-16 education.

If elected as Vice President, I will campaign for

  • building a movement to defend FE
  • the withdrawal of the HE Green Paper
  • a pay rise for all
  • combatting racism and Islamaphobia; opposing the Prevent agenda
Last updated: 1 February 2016