Dr Sue Abbott (Northumbria University)

Election address

Trade Union service

  • Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne) since 2005
  • Faculty Rep and Branch Equality Officer since 2006 at Northumbria University
  • Served as Northern Regional Equality Officer until 2013
  • Elected on to NEC in 2014.
  • Elected as Chair of Women Members Standing Committee (June 2014 to September 2015)
  • Chaired National WMSC conference in November 2014
  • Attended and spoke at Women's TUC as UCU delegation leader in 2014.
  • Congress delegate on 3 occasions and representative at HE national meetings on pay and conditions. Have spoken on a wide range of matters affecting women at work.
  • Chaired  2 workshops at UCU equalities conference 2015(sexual harassment/lad culture and participation in equality groups)
  • On  National UCU Stress and Bullying committee
  • Have raised equal pay matters and issues relating to women in senior management
  • Organised events for Black History month, LGBT History month and Holocaust Memorial day and promoted disability access.
  • Involved with anti-fascist activities and part of campaign to stop far right group Pegida in Newcastle in Feb 2015
  • Organised for the Anne Frank exhibition to come to Northumbria University in 2007 for Holocaust Memorial Day.
  • Regular working with Students Union including speaking at their equality events

Election Address
Strong representation is needed for women particularly in areas such as fighting issues such as sexism, sexual harassment and 'lad culture' on campuses. I have spoken nationally about tackling these areas. We need to also oppose bullying and stress and targets driven performance management.

Education is under an enormous threat from this government (the HE green paper and the Trade Union Bill). This will have a real adverse effect particularly upon women. As a supporter of UCU left I believe we must work together in UCU to challenge attempts to privatise, change terms and conditions and deny us fair pay.

I voted against acceptance of a derisory 1% pay award and opposed adverse pension changes to USS. I am against Trident and support renationalisation of the railways. Jeremy Corbyn's leadership provides us with hope for the future here.

I am part of campaigns to tackle anti trade union legislation and fight against austerity, homelessness and poverty and I encourage all UCU members to join me.

I ask you to re-elect me so my experience and commitment to women and equality at work will make a real difference.

Last updated: 1 February 2016