Dawn Livingston (Lewisham Southwark College)

Election address

I believe in the importance and power of the shared union principles that promote, celebrate, supports and defends equality as a priority. Principles that can be used to bring members at the grass root, front line together, organising around shared issues where equality strands cross. Strong common bonds can be formed and utilised to empower and increase membership.

We need to encourage branches to keep equality at the forefront of their agenda in light of the cuts and threats to workers' rights that we face. Members need to be able to rely on their union organising in the workplace, with other unions and local communities to defend them at work with effective representation; fight for their jobs and against austerity measures that are a detriment to our education system and society.

As the Secretary for my branch I have been involved in campaigning and defending against the attacks made on our most vulnerable members. I have experienced the discrimination that members who are black, women, disabled, LGBT as well as other protected characteristics face and have supported the fight to defend the rights of part- time workers. As a former NEC member and Chair of the Black Members' Standing Committee I have contributed to the building of UCU's resistance to discrimination by participating within the democratic process and facilitated communication and solidarity from branch to Congress and the wider trade union community.

If elected I will:

  • Support the fight against cuts, campaigning to defend equality at work.
  • Participate in organising and empowering members locally and within the structures of UCU, including the NEC.
  • Support action to address discrimination and keep equalities issues at the forefront of UCU's agenda.
  • Participate in action democratically decided by the membership.
  • Campaign for better pay, conditions, pensions and decreased workloads in further and higher education.

Trade Union Service:

Lecturer in Trade Union Studies Lewisham Southwark College

Joined Natfhe in 2000 when I started teaching at Lewisham College. I have been elected Branch Secretary since 2009

Southwark Trades Council 2012 elected Secretary since 2013

UCU Black Members' Standing Committee 2008-09, 2010-2012, Vice- Chair 2012, Chair 2013-2015, NEC Black Members Rep 2013-2015

Delegate to TUC Black Members' Conference since 2009

Previously: I joined Nalgo(before the change to Unison)whilst working for local government in 1979 at 18 years old became a rep and subsequently branch committee member.

Additional relevant experience: voluntary work as a member of the Labour Research Department Executive Committee for 2 years 

Last updated: 1 February 2016