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Ioanna Ioannou (University College London)


Election address

I am a researcher at UCL since 2011.

Recent service

2013-2015       Member of NEC
2015-2016       Equality Officer UCL


The very nature of the university is under attack at the moment. Instead of the universities being places where staff and students can take risks to develop and critical and creative skills, to innovate and inspire, they are turning into places where everything is being measures and quantified. The HE green paper published recently provides the framework for reducing the autonomy of the universities, and opens the door to private companies to enter the sector for profit. We are also faced by the PREVENT agenda which invites us to effectively spy on our student, thus, corrupting our relationship with them. 

We need a strong union which will unite the higher education sector to oppose these plans and fight for an open and diverse university which provides a public service. I am a researcher at UCL, on my fourth fixed-end contract. Researchers face a constant struggle to secure the next contract, which affects not only our long-term plans but our work-life balance. We are constantly trying to secure our next contract, only to find that the funding has been slashed. UCU must address the job insecurity among researchers and fight against plans to further cut the funding for research.

I am a member of UCU Left, and a hard-working member of NEC and member of the Education committee. For the past two years, I always voted for members to be as involved as possible to the decisions, if elected I will fight:

  • Better terms and conditions for researchers.
  • For an end to fixed end contracts.
  • To reverse the cuts in higher education.
  • For a strong, fighting rank-and-file union.
Last updated: 1 February 2016