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Mark Campbell (London Metropolitan University)

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I am Chair of London Metropolitan University UCU, where I work as a Senior Lecturer in Computing. I was a member of the NEC and Higher Education Committee from 2008-14, served on the Recruitment, Organisation, and Campaigns Committee and represented UCU at TUC Congress. Prior to joining the NEC, I was HE Secretary for London Region UCU, and I now serve as its HE Chair and represent the region on the Southern and Eastern Region of the TUC.

As a member of the UCU Co-ordinating Committee at London Met for fourteen years, I have been at the forefront of our many disputes to defend jobs, courses, and students, whilst also helping to articulate our belief that society as a whole benefits from widening participation to HE.

An active and committed trade unionist all my working life, I joined NATFHE in 1997 whilst hourly paid at the University of East London. I am a founder member of UCU Left (http://uculeft.org).

UCU has a key role to play in mobilising an effective campaign for publicly-funded, socially inclusive, higher education. To do this we need to:

  • Defend pay and pensions, resist job losses and increasing workloads. The employers have been rolling back wages and pensions, shedding staff in subjects that don't fit their market priorities, and intensifying the workload for those left to pick up the pieces;
  • Actively campaign to halt and reverse the encroachment of neo-liberal market practices and for-profit private providers throughout higher education;
  • Be prepared to take effective, coordinated, industrial action to defend our universities from Government austerity measures and local management cut-backs and 'restructuring';
  • Defend academic freedom by using the union's power to defend members' academic independence from the strictures of REF, looming disaster of TEF, and racism of Prevent;
  • Protect members' freedom to set their own research agendas and disseminate results in ways they deem appropriate, to design and implement teaching free from the interference of employer-led bodies, and the discredited metrics of division, blame, and scapegoating. We must reassert collegiality and democracy in university governance;
  • Value all our members and campaign hard for our most precarious - hourly paid lecturers, Graduate Teaching Assistants, and junior researchers - all currently on a variety of exploitative, often zero-hour, casual contracts;
  • Build strong, democratic, member-led branches that reach out to potential allies on campus and across society for whom the Government's assault on post-16 education, and education's reorientation toward business training, is a betrayal of hope and an assault on an inclusive and democratic society;
  • Have a union leadership fully accountable to members that actively implements democratic decisions taken at branch-based delegate Congresses and HE Conferences.

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Last updated: 1 February 2016