Nita Sanghera (Bournville College)

Election address

I am an Access to HE lecturer at Bournville College:

NEC Black Members Representative
West Midlands Women's Officer
National Negotiator
Black Members Standing Committee
Branch Secretary Bournville College 

I believe in education, I believe in our union, and I believe that we are at a moment where we can create real change.

As a teacher and a committed union organiser at branch, area and now national levels I believe in standing up against current attacks on education.  I believe in the importance of F/HE for all our futures. We need F/HE to open access to education for all. 

This is why the battle our colleagues in HE are mounting in defence of their pensions and in FE for better pay and conditions are so important. We need both powerful local and national political campaigning and industrial action to win on pensions and pay, to defend jobs, conditions and education.  These are battles we can and must win.

As a black woman I have fought to get my voice heard. I'm a lifetime campaigner against racism and sexism, and have organised at a local and national level to resist attempts to divide and bully our members and our communities.

From the abuse of capability and lack of support which shuts out disabled members, to reactionary attacks on LGBT+ rights, the ongoing gender pay gap, the growing refusal to be silent over sexual harassment and the imposition of the Prevent strategy, our members need a union which will place equality at the heart of our agenda. As UCU's first black president I will answer this call.

Scandalous numbers of staff are on zero-hours and hourly paid contracts. In our prison sector we have seen the curriculum stripped to the bone and privatisation and cuts put members at risk. Stress, sickness and mental ill-health are rocketing.

As an experienced FE lecturer, I've seen the devastating impact of years of austerity. I have organised in my branch and region as the area review cut provision and jobs.

We stand on the brink of a new era. The Tory party is in chaos, and Corbyn's radical manifesto with lifelong access to education at its heart has seen young people and the politically disengaged become enthusiastically mobilised.

As the UCU Left candidate, I stand for a union with member-led democracy at its heart. We need a fighting union that is organised and strong enough to take on the injustices faced by our members and which takes the opportunity to create a radical new education sector which puts emancipation and academic freedom, not corporate greed, at its heart.

Vote for me and other UCU Left candidates.  Vote for hope, solidarity and equality.

Last updated: 1 February 2018