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Brian Hamilton (NOVUS Prison Education)

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As a Functional Skills tutor with 24 years experience in Prison Education and a lifelong involvement in the Trade Union movement, I know that the power of the collective is the only way that we can realistically challenge the continuing attacks on our Further and Higher Education provision.

Only by building a strong and democratic union, with the core purpose of meeting the aspirations of all members across the broad and constantly changing landscape of educational institutions will UCU become fit for purpose to successfully confront the evolving challenges that both sectors face.

Using the union to further political ideals deflects the valuable resource of our unity and strength away from vital current and future agendas. It puts us firmly in the past fighting battles that are not relevant to the ever changing educational world we now find ourselves in.

Most members want to focus on providing a good, comprehensive education service and receive proper professional recognition, decent wages and secure pensions for doing it - issues I have long fought for.

My successful and longstanding experience as a local, regional and national officer for Prison educators means that I am well placed to add to the diverse skills of the presidential team. I will bring valuable insight and negotiating experience and a proven commitment relevant to all UCU members whether we are working in a University, FE College, Adult or Community Education, Prisons or the increasing number of private education providers.

UCU must prioritise:

·      Jobs, pay and pensions

·      Leading the challenge of privatisation and commercial tendering of education contracts.

·      campaigning strongly against de-professionalisation being forced through by such means as TEF and REF in HE, counterproductive mergers in FE, and precarious substandard employment contracts

·      recruiting, organising and representing members in every UCU branch

·      maintaining the ability to undertake strike action; only to be used on member driven issues when all other avenues, both political and industrial have been exhausted

·      balancing the differing needs of branches, regions and nations whilst still maintaining a national bargaining and negotiating strategy.

·      the fight for full access for all to free, inclusive, lifelong educational opportunities.

UCU is a broad church with a wonderfully diverse membership.  It is my intention to support and encourage this by making sure there is a space in the union for every voice to be heard. 

My fundamental belief is that we should be working to improve members' lives by fighting for fair, safe, inclusive workplaces where everyone's full talents can be recognised, with fair pay, pensions and employment protection.

Together we can win for everyone.

Please use your vote


Last updated: 1 February 2018