Carolyn Campbell (Trafford College)

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Trade Union Service
I have been in my current post as an English teacher since September 2007 and have been a Trade Unionist since the 1980s as a NALGO Shop Steward. I began teaching in 1992 and joined NATFHE, becoming active in my branch and being elected as Branch Secretary in 1994. In my current post, I was elected as UCU Branch Chair in 2008 and Branch Secretary in 2010. I represent members at JCC and on case work and have had recent success in gaining concessions for members in relation to the college's Teaching and Learning policy. I was a member FEC and NEC from 2012 -14, and from 2015 to the present, and am now seeking re-election. I currently represent members' interests on the Women Members Standing Committee, the Equality Committee and the Legal Support Panel. In addition, I am currently Secretary of the North West Regional FE Committee.

Election Address
There has never been a more urgent need for educators to be trade unionists, particularly women: creeping casualisation, increasing numbers of teaching hours required by lecturers, decreased flexibility for workers, early morning meetings and twilight teaching, all with no financial rewards. In fact, FE lecturers, the majority of whom are women, have taken a 17% real-terms pay cut in the last 5 years, having never worked harder.

And now, mergers are happening with the probability of decreased access to FE for those who need it most whilst HE is facing increasing privatisation, with further attacks on pensions.

We need to protect and represent our members now, more than ever.

I am a socialist, a feminist and a trade unionist teaching GCSE English to adults, 80% of whom are women wanting to improve their families' lives: choices they will no longer have if our sector is decimated. I had my second chance through FE and would not be a teacher without the life chances it offered me. It breaks my heart to see a government saying they are committed to 'social mobility' and 'opportunities for all', whilst robbing people of the means to do so.

Colleagues, we can make a difference by standing together. Trade unions play no small part in shaping futures and together we can fight to protect our sector, a sector that has always offered so much for women.

I promise that, if elected, I will continue to fight nationally to ensure that women's views are represented and upheld at every level of the organisation and within our movement.

I will continue to work for members, to improve their everyday lives and to protect the FE sector and our union for future generations.

As an independent candidate, I will be your voice.

Last updated: 1 February 2018