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Julia Roberts (Lambeth College)

Election address

Lecturer in Mathematics, Lambeth College:2002 - present
UCU NEC:2015 - present
UCU Education Committee: 2015 - present
Joint Branch Secretary Lambeth College 

I am a supporter of UCU Left.

I have always been an active branch member at Lambeth College.  My union experience includes working as a branch rep, participating in JNCC meetings, supporting members in case work, representing our branch as a speaker during our 2014 contracts dispute, and attending both Congress and Special Sector conference as a branch delegate.

A Campaigning Union

As a supporter of UCU Left I strongly believe in a proactive campaigning union.

Over the past fifteen years I have witnessed relentless government attacks on further education.  The curriculum offer has narrowed and members' jobs put at risk due to lack of funding.  Pay has stagnated whilst remuneration for senior management has reached staggering heights.  Corporate college groups vie to take over colleges in an expansion of business empires, too often to the detriment of the educational needs of local communities.  Teacher workload and stress continue to increase, whilst creativity is being squeezed by 'tick box' bureaucracy and increasing administrative demands. More recently, our 'post-compulsory' sector has shifted into the 'compulsory' sector with no thought given to the implications for teaching staff.

I am standing again for the NEC because I want to continue supporting the fight for FE, protecting and improving conditions under which our members work and students study.  FE provides an educational route for the working class and the disadvantaged.  As educational professionals it is our duty to ensure that quality provision is accessible for all potential and existing students.  Central to protecting FE provision is the need to ensure that our staff members are looked after: free from worries of job insecurity; free from physical and mental stress of overbearing working conditions; suitably remunerated for the hard work that they do and free to prioritise education over bureaucracy.

As a member of UCU NEC I would seek to ensure that UCU campaigns:

  • to defend and protect educational opportunities within post-16 education;

  • to fight for an increase in funding;

  • to fight for a long-awaited increase in pay which truly reflects our worth;

  • to protect members from a downgrading of working terms and conditions;

  • to advance UCU's equality agenda;

  • to protect the rights of migrants and refugees;

  • to participate in a wider union campaign to protect the rights of working people.

Last updated: 1 February 2018