Paul Errington (Teesside University)

Election address

I am a senior lecturer at Teesside and have since 2004 taught on both undergraduate and Masters Courses. I have been a trade unionist from age of 17, since the 1970s, and was elected shop steward at the age of 18.  I have been consistently active representing and defending members in a number of unions including ASB, GMB, CSP, and now UCU.

I am presently Deputy Chair in Teesside branch and as one of the lead caseworkers; I represent members on important issues such as Bullying and harassment, workload issues and a range of equality issues. I believe passionately in fairness and dignity at work: if colleagues are treated unfairly, I support them to have their concerns addressed speaking up for members when they may not dare.

I have been a UCU Congress delegate and proposed the motion on Academic Freedom something I am also very passionate about. I am presently a regional committee member and regional training officer.  I have served on the NEC for the last two years and I am a member of UCU's legal panel.

We are facing many challenges in higher education not least the threats to academic freedom alongside increasingly aggressive moves towards odious corporate-university models.  These threats comes with increased stress as workloads continue to rise unabated as employers squeeze staff to ensure larger university profits to provide shiny ego-extension buildings around campuses. However, members are not fools as there is a growing sense of anger over the gross inequalities in our sector with the fat cats getting fatter whilst members face constant attacks on their working conditions along with the erosion of our pay over many years. Members are increasingly faced with threats of casualization and the threat of job losses fuelling fear and uncertainty about their future. On top of this members are also faced with attacks on their pensions (USS) highlighting that unfairness takes many forms.

UCU is a broad church and we need to work collectively to resist and support our members against these attacks protecting our services and agreements and resisting where and when needed.  As such, as an NEC member, I will work to prioritise the resources of the union are used to:

  • Protect Jobs

  • Protect Pensions

  • Maintain workload levels within the national contract

  • Campaign against casualization of Education

  • Continue the fight for equality and fair pay

It has been a privilege to have served over the last 2 years as an NEC member and if re-elected to the NEC as a Northern Regional member then I can promise to serve the collective interests of all members within the region as well as supporting colleagues nationally against the attacks on our jobs, Pensions, workloads and Employment security.

Last updated: 1 February 2018