All out for USS

It's not too late! Universities UK can still commit to meaningful negotiations over pensions and end the strike action.

Peter Collins (St Mary's University College Belfast)

Election address

I am a Senior Lecturer in History in St Mary's University College Belfast

A member of NATFHE/UCU since 1999, I am currently chair of St Mary's UCU branch

I am a long-serving delegate to the UCU Northern Ireland Regional Council

I have been a delegate to six UCU annual Congresses

I have represented UCU at two biennial Congresses of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions

I will support the strongest action by UCU in restoring our much devalued salaries and in defending USS pensions. I will press NEC for a more active stance than hitherto

I will actively campaign for increased investment by government in HE in Northern Ireland

I will strongly oppose casualization and marketization in HE

I will press for proper provision for colleagues burdened by stress and increased workloads

I strongly support UCU'S solidarity work in countries where academics and students and populations face repression.

I am a member of UCU Left

As a lifelong trade unionist I have been a member of NAS/UWT AND UNITE. I was Northern Ireland student recruitment officer and chair of Lisburn Association  NAS/UWT. I was a delegate to the Regional Council of NAS/UWT and attended three annual national conferences of that union

My doctoral thesis and some of my publications were in the field of labour history. Through this I have a wide knowledge of the history, traditions and culture of the trade union movement of which UCU is an important part

I was joint leader of a study trip involving students from Stranmillis and St Mary's Colleges to Israel/Palestine

I was founder member of the journal History Ireland and continue to sit on its editorial board

I am a founder member of Reclaim the Enlightenment a group which aims to reintroduce the principles which characterised the liberal town of Belfast, in the late 18th century, into the present-day political and cultural discourse

I led a successful campaign which gained fair trade status for St Mary's


Last updated: 1 February 2018