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Amanda Williams (University of East Anglia)


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I have worked as an accounting lecturer at the University of East Anglia since 2012.  I became a member of UCU shortly after that and it was not very long before I was appointed as Branch Treasurer.  I was Branch President for 3 years and have now stepped back into the role of treasurer which I combine with Branch Pensions Rep and some case work.

At a regional level I have been part of the Eastern and Home Counties regional committee for a number of years.  I am currently the treasurer on the regional committee.  Colleagues on the regional committee were tremendously supportive when I picked up the UEA branch presidency.  I understand the importance of support from regional and national bodies in UCU.

I have had a variety of different jobs in education.  Having originally trained as a Chartered Accountant and spent some time in practice I moved across to professional education, an educational environment in which trade unions are virtually unheard of and which is highly casualised.  I spend some time as a "freelance" accounting tutor.  In my mid 30s I retrained as a high school physics teacher, teaching students aged 12 to 18.  At that time I joined a teaching union.  I returned to professional accounting training when for-profit providers were entering HE and during that time my employer morphed into a University.  Shortly thereafter I moved to UEA.

My rather haphazard route into HE has given me some understanding of the pressures faced by colleagues working in academic related and professional support.  I have experienced what it's like to have precarious work.  I have had teaching experience (and pay & conditions) similar to that of some colleagues in FE. Having only recently gone through probation in HE I understand the concerns of colleagues who are at the start of their academic career.

I was elected onto the NEC in 2016.  During my first year as an NEC member I was involved in a number of areas including the Strategy and Finance Committee and the USS Advisory Committee.  In my second year on NEC I have concentrated on issues connected to pensions through the Superannuation Working Group.  I remain on the USS Advisory Committee as well as becoming an alternate for the USS JNC.  I have worked closely and participated constructively with SWG colleagues from across UCU.

As well as voting for me please support Sarah Brown in the election for NEC members from HE in London and the East.

Last updated: 1 February 2018